LTO Oplan Isnabero: Taxi drivers refusing to take passengers are breaking the law

If there’s anything that’s run rampant with taxis, it’s their drivers declining to take passengers. The LTO wants to crack down on such activities, and with Oplan Isnabero, they mean to catch such drivers right in the act. Being public utility vehicles, the “pakabila ang byahe ko [I’m traveling the opposite way]” or “malayo masyado, traffic [it’s too far and traffic]”  excuses are illegal and passengers must be taken, regardless.

LTO Oplan Isnabero nabs choosy taxi drivers in PITX

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Photo: LTO

Yesterday, LTO-NCR West conducted an operation in various areas of the Metro. Their mission: be on the lookout for, and apprehend taxi drivers who refuse to take passengers. At the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange, five (5) drivers were caught and were subsequently issued citations.

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Photo: LTO

There is a legal basis for this Operation, of course. According to Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01, “Refusal to render service to the public or convey passenger to destination” earns violators a fine from PHP 5,000 up to PHP 15,000, plus the cancellation of their Certificate of Public Conveyance or CPC.

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Photo: LTO

The government agency has gone on to remind all taxi drivers that they must properly fulfill their responsibilities to their passengers. With more and more travelers and commuters needing whatever mode of public transportation they can get to get to and from their destinations, such actions will not be tolerated and those who might practice it should stop, lest suffer penalties if caught.

Yesterday was only the beginning, it seems. The agency also mentioned that they will continue carrying out Oplan Isnabero to ensure order and safety on the road. Despite being more expensive, some are just pushed to take taxis instead of more affordable options. It’s bad enough trying to find an empty cab, but it’s much worse when you’re brushed off to look for another one.

Do you think this will finally rid us of the dreaded isnabero drivers? Can the agency come up with a foolproof plan to catch those who willingly decline the needs of the many commuters and takers of public transportation? Will the drivers and their operators take heed of all the warnings and reminders that they will get penalized should they willingly break the law?

We certainly hope so.

Mikko Juangco
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