Everything you need to know about the Exclusive Motorcycle Lane along Commonwealth

The use of the exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth will be enforced starting today. Basically, the blue lanes are only for motorcycles, and all other vehicles are prohibited from traversing the length of the Avenue along it. Seeing as there is still some confusion as to how motorists will move right to make a turn or move back into the proper lane when coming from an interior road or establishment, we’ve put the information from the MMDA together for your convenience.

Guidelines on the implementation of the motorcycle lane (and exclusive bike and PUV lanes)

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Guidelines Inline 01 Min

Photo: MMDA

Where is the motorcycle lane located, and what are the other “exclusive” lanes?

Just to establish lane designations, the motorcycle lane will be the 3rd lane from the rightmost sidewalk. The 1st lane will strictly be for bicycles, and the 2nd lane will be for the use of PUVs such as buses, jeepneys, UV Express, etc. All other lanes (4th to 9th lanes) will be for the use of all other motor vehicles.

Yes, the first three lanes from the right are all exclusive, but for better recall, we’ll be discussing this with reference to the MC lanes.

Vehicles that need to turn right into or out of streets and intersections

These vehicles that need to exit Commonwealth into a side street or intersection, or enter Commonwealth coming from an interior road can encroach into the exclusive lanes 100 meters before and after they enter or exit. There will be transition lines or pavement markings to indicate this distance.

Vehicles that need to turn right into or out of streets and intersections

Those vehicles that are coming from or going into establishments can start traversing across the motorcycle lane, PUV lane, and bicycle lane 200 meters before and after they enter or exit the establishment. This particular guideline did not mention any transition lines or markings, so use your discretion as best you can to avoid being apprehended for violating the exclusive lanes.

U-Turning Vehicles

Vehicles that intend to take a u-turn slot may move out of their dedicated lanes 200 meters before their intended u-turn slot. Per the MMDA, motorists “must do this with care and diligence”. Basically, keep an eye on your mirrors and outside your windows, be aware, and don’t carelessly and recklessly veer out of your lane to make it to your slot.

Mmda Motorcycle Lane Approved Mmc Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

Fines for motorists violating any of these guidelines

PUV drivers = PHP 1,200

Motorcycle drivers = PHP 500

Other vehicle drivers = PHP 500

Mmda Commonwealth Motorcycle Lane Dry Run Extension Inline 02 Min

Photo: MMDA

So there it is, folks, as brief as this is, this is what the MMDA has released with regard to the enforcement of the exclusive motorcycle lane as well as PUV and bicycle lanes along Commonwealth Avenue. Do remember that these lanes span the length between Elliptical Road and Dona Carmen along both directions of the thoroughfare.

We know this is going to be more than confusing, and pretty scary even for those who drive along Commonwealth on a daily basis. Just be alert and drive safely, and do your best to not figure in an accident or get pulled over and be apprehended because all of us are definitely going to go through a pretty rough adjustment period.

Do you think this will work as intended? Let us know, we’re genuinely curious about your thoughts on the exclusive bicycle, PUV, and motorcycle lane.

Mikko Juangco
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  1. Reply Avatar of Aquilino Soliman Distor
    Aquilino Soliman Distor March 28, 2023 at 9:56 am

    Before implementing such idea, authorities need to consider, construction of MRT, Zipper Lane, and road worthiness. And lastly road/traffic signage…

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