Mitsubishi launches 2023 Xpander Cross in Indonesia; will PH get it soon?

A few months ago Mitsubishi Motors Philippines (MMPC) launched the all-new Xpander. Of course, because of the Xpander’s popularity, it immediately garnered much-deserved attention.

The only question left on everyone’s mind was, when will Mitsubishi do the same for the Xpander’s SUV counterpart? the Xpander Cross.

Mitsubishi Xpander Cross

2023 Mitsubishi Xpander Cross

Well, it seems Mitsubishi isn’t wasting any more time because they’ve just revealed the updated Xpander Cross in Indonesia.

According to the Mitsubishi Indonesia website, these are the updates to the Xpander Cross:

Carrying the tagline “Rise to Your Life’s Adventure”, this model comes with various improvements with a more aggressive appearance and is equipped with advanced features that will add excitement to driving.

Xpander Cross Inline 1

  1. Attractive Design
    The New Xpander Cross comes with a new design on the exterior with the “Dynamic Shield” design typical of Mitsubishi Motors and has now received a refresh so that it appears more aggressive, modern, and luxurious, which enhances the characteristics of a more active SUV. Exterior updates include: T-Shape Headlamp, Front & Rear Powerful Bumper Design, 17-inch Alloy Wheel Design, LED Foglamp, Distinctive Trapezoid Grille, and refined Wheel Arc Molding.

Xpander Cross Inline 2

  1. High-Class Interior
    The New Xpander Cross offers luxury and comfort on the interior side with a spacious and high-quality cabin, equipped with a variety of versatile storage areas, as well as a choice of flexible seat configurations that provide maximum convenience and utility.
  2. Driving Comfort & Safety
    One of the product improvements in this model is the addition of features that can increase the comfort of users in carrying out their daily activities. Additional features on this model include a wireless charger, 8inch LCD Meter Cluster,  and New Steering Wheel Design. And it has also been equipped with Micron Air Filtration which maintains the circulation of air quality in the cabin and increases the comfort of all family members.In terms of safety features, the New Xpander Cross is more complete with the embedded AYC braking system, which improves cornering performance by adjusting the braking force on the front wheels to optimize vehicle stability when maneuvering quickly or on slippery roads. When cornering on slippery road surfaces, the AYC will brake the front wheels on the inside of corners, minimizing understeer and allowing the vehicle to follow a line closer to what the driver wants. In collaboration with the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Active Stability Control (ASC), this system supports safety, security, and driving comfort in various weather and road conditions.And also comes equipped with featuresMulti Around Monitor that can provide a view around the vehicle that helps drivers park more safely.
  3. Type & Color Options The
    New Xpander Cross comes in 2 (two) variants: CVT Premium Package and Manual Transmission. With 5 (five) color choices, namely  Quartz White Pearl, Jet Black Mica, Blade Silver Metallic, Graphite Gray Metallic,  and the new color Green Bronze Metallic. 

What’s interesting to note here are the transmission options, because locally our Xpander is still equipped with a 4-speed automatic. Does it mean that only the Xpander Cross will feature it? or will Mitsubishi Motors Philippines also choose to launch the CVT transmission for both the Cross and (normal) Xpander in the near future?

Obviously, we can’t wait for the updated Xpander Cross to make its way to our shores, but given that Indonesia does supply them to us, we should be getting it soon as well fingers crossed

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Pablo Salapantan

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  2. Reply Avatar of William Edward Kratch
    William Edward Kratch April 30, 2023 at 6:46 pm

    Well PobloI I guess I will be the first to say I am not pleased with the 2023 Mitsubishi Xpander Cross. Why ?? From the very beginning I never received a real introduction/instruction manual to this Xpander cross vehicle from the dealership.. All I did receive was a owner’s manual covering the Xpander and another manual covering the monitor system. Because of the lack of real technical information I also went to Utube. Surprisingly I found there some items I think someone didn’t think about the consumer. As an example, the push switch on the left side of the main instrument cluster that changes the instrument cluster names from one language to another. Was there only one language available? I am American and I would rather happy if my $1.4Paso vehicle had my language. Next!! The 8 inch monitor. Why delete GPS capabilities?? Why do I have to have 4 other pieces of software installed in my iPhone to get a one good mapping system? Why-FI disappears after leaving Roxas City within a couple of miles, then I have use Celluar for Cell phone. Thank you for reading and listening to my complaints.

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