5 Things I Like About The New Mitsubishi Xpander (2022)

It’s finally here, officially launched a few hours ago nationwide; the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Xpander. While it was technically launched last March, that was just for pre-orders. This time around, anybody can walk into any Mitsubishi dealership to experience it.

Xpander 2022 Feature Yugaauto 14

I was fortunate enough to be invited to preview the car earlier today, apart from getting up close and personal I was also able to take a short drive on a test track that was designed to showcase the all-new Xpanders capabilities.

1. Exterior Update

The 2022 Mitsubishi Xpander still retains its familiar modern look, present are the never-ending angular edges that defined the Xpanders look before. It has been updated to ensure it doesn’t get left behind by the competition. The front fascia has a totally different look. T-shaped headlights along with a redesigned bumper were fitted onto the Xpander. A new solid grill design also dominates the front end, giving it a bigger and sportier look. The rear likewise got a makeover with similar T-shaped taillight units. Its rear bumper is almost the same as the former model’s, but now it has vertical reflector strips instead.

Headlamp (LED)
Front fog lamp on bumper
Front fog lamp on bumper (LED)
Emergency stop signal function

Overall, the Xpander is still a looker, albeit even more futuristic looking than it was before.

2. Interior Update

Inside the 2022 Mitsubishi Xpander also gets a few tweaks. The dashboard is now more angular, while the materials used on the different panels and surfaces have also been upscaled, giving the Xpander a more premium feel. I particularly like the soft leather on the steering wheel. The infotainment screen also now has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and on higher variants, it comes with an Automatic Climate Control System. Lastly, the second-row passengers get additional cupholders as well.

Seat back pocket (driver & passenger)
Seat back pocket B (driver)
Convenience hook (driver)
Parking brake control : Electric parking brake
Steering column : Tilt & telesco column
Steering switch : Cruise control
Steering switch : Hands free
Steering switch : Audio
Steering switch : Voice control
Instrument panel type B
Combination meter cluster (type B)
High contrast meter
Analogue speedometer, km/h
Trip meter LCD (single) type, with fuel consumption
ECO indicator
ECO drive assist indicator
ECO score indicator
Active stability control switch

3. Safety Features

With regard to safety, Mitsubishi didn’t scrimp on the 2022 Xpander. This of course being a 7-seater family car, it’s important that the Xpander can keep your family safe as much as possible should the situation arise. It now has an electronic parking brake with an autohold function, hill start assist, anti-lock brakes, active stability control, cruise control, and of course airbags.

Active stability control
Hill start assist system
Brake auto hold
Brake assist system(hydraulic)
EBD (electronic brake distribution)
Theft protection device Alarm (horn & turn & buzz), with indicator
Front seat belt 3p belt with ELR x 2, ELR type : G & WEB. SENSE, with pretensioner (both side)
Rear/2nd seat belt : 3p belt with ELR x 3
3rd seat belt : 3p belt with ELR x 2
Rear/2nd seat CRS Attachment for ISO-FIX (seat x2), tether anchor (seat x2)
Passive restraint system : Airbag (driver, passenger)

4. Comfort and Ease Of Use

Xpander 2022 Feature Yugaauto 5

While at the test track, I couldn’t help but notice how user-friendly the 2022 Xpander is. Despite the technological updates, and other new driving features, the layout to access said features was an ode to true ergonomics. Next up is the ride comfort, despite the fact that we were driving on the cobbled surface of the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, the Xpander soaked them up well, with barely a thump or bump registering in the cabin.

My favorite feature though has to be the light steering, in the previous Xpander it was light, for the 2022 Xpander though it’s a whole new level of lightness. It must be said though that I could still feel the road surface, which of course makes the driving feel more “natural”

Fin antenna
Cruise control
Center door lock Key (driver) & center switch (driver) (type J), ignition key reminder (driver), crash detection door lock shut down, keyless entry, with 2 transmitters
Keyless operation system 1button unlock, lock (front door both), one touch start system
Keyless operation system Button unlock, button lock (gate)
Power window (front & rear door) Main switch (driver, auto up & down), with safety system (front driver door)
Key set : Master key x 2 (with protect.x 2), key-code tag
Accessory socket (instrument panel)
USB power socket (console) x2
Accessory socket on rear quator
Rear view system
USB port
A/C (manual, capacity up)
Heater & A/C control : Push button type

5. Capabilities

The test track was littered with different obstacles that were designed to make the driver experience the 2022 Xpanders strengths. First off was how maneuverable the Xpander is because of its light steering (as mentioned earlier). Next up was a water wading section, where I was tasked with driving up, down into a basin filled with water, then back out again. Needless to say, It was a nerve-wracking experience which the Xpander took to like a duck to water (pun intended), It never felt as if it was out of place despite it being an MPV, it does boast a class-leading ground clearance of 225mm.

After the water wading was the suspension test, I was asked to drive over humps at speed. The Xpander was surprisingly stable, even if the wheels were going over bumps, the steering wheel remained straight and easy to steer. Even when I was asked to drive over 2 big humps to showcase the strength of the chassis, the steering was not upset and there was no groan from the chassis at all.

My favorite driving feature though has to be the combination of the Traction Control, Stability Control, and Anti-lock Braking System. I had to accelerate from a stand-still, and violently stomp on the brake pedal at a certain point, astonishingly the Xpander came to a dead stop just a few meters after the braking markers. Mind you, it had already been raining hard making drenching the road surface.

So if you’re interested in the all-new 2022 Mitsubishi Xpander, you can check the model out for yourself at your nearest Mitsubishi dealership.


  • GLX M/T = PHP 1,050,000
  • GLX A/T = PHP 1,110,000
  • GLS A/T = PHP 1,180,000
  • Cross A/T = PHP 1,280,000

Xpander 2022 Specs

2022 Mitsubishi Xpander Front
Front wheel brake : Disc 15″ (venti), normal pad, with paint
Rear wheel brake : Drum 9″ (LT), with paint
High ground clearance susp (front & rear)
Front suspension Macpherson strut with coil spring, stabilizer
Rear suspension Torsion beam rigid
Disc wheel (front & rear) : AL 17X6.5J 5-114.3 46 BRT RNA6
Tire (front & rear) : 205/55R17 91V
Tire (spare) : Same as front & rear tire
Transmission : F4AWB (4A/T)
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