Say hello to the 2023 Ford Ranger Stormtrak, ASEAN’s newest variant

The Ford Ranger is one of the most popular pickups in its segment, in fact, you can say that it leads the way in terms of technology and refinement in an otherwise rugged segment. Despite that Ford felt the need to beef up the lineup with another variant; the Stormtrak.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak Inline

Ford Ranger Stormtrak

The Stormtrak is basically a more lifestyle version of the Ranger, It presents itself with more decals and visual cues to make it stand out more, which is understandable given the Wildtraks subdued looks.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak Inline 2

A big obvious decal has been placed on the rear door that leads all the way to the side of the cargo bed, and a new grille has been mounted on the front with accompanying auxiliary lamps on each side. Enhancing the looks further are the bigger 20-inch alloy wheels with matching colored accents on one spoke (like a Navara Pro 4X). Inside the story remains much the same apart from a revised color palette and instead of Wildtrak it says Stormtrak.

The Stormtrak is powered by the same 2.0-liter bi-turbo diesel engine that produces 210hp and 500Nm of torque, shifting is done by the same 10-speed automatic transmission. A key difference between the Wildtrak and the Stormtrak is the latter has the same electronic shifter as the Everest and it also carries an automated park assist system.

Ford Ranger Stormtrak Inline 3

No pricing has been released as of yet and no mention of it will make its way to the PH market. However, what has us curious is given the Wildtrak’s prominence in the Philippines would it be wise to bring in a higher variant still? Furthermore, the lineup of the Ranger is already quite extensive, and with little to no difference between the two the Stormtrak may just be an expense without big returns.

What do you think? Should Ford PH bring this in?

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