Would you like Toyota to bring the new 2024 Veloz X Urban to the Philippines?

The MPV wars just got a new entry: the Toyota Veloz X Urban. Like the Veloz’s (main) competitor(s) the Xpander (Cross), a higher-riding, “beefed up” model was just released, and with it comes more aesthetic changes and, well, a taller ride height. Toyota Thailand just released a new model, and since manufacturers do source some of their models from that country, let’s have a look at what we might be missing out on. Or more hopefully, what we might get.

Veloz X Urban debuts in Thailand, but will it see the light of day in PH?

Toyota Veloz X Urban Thailand Inline 04 Min

Photo: Toyota

There’s no mistaking that there is a huge demand for MPVs, and more so for “special” variants that up the height and looks factor. To compete in the market, the Veloz X Urban was conceived. As with such variants, it comes with more and different kits and pieces that set it apart from the “normal” variants, and again, with better ride height.

Comparing it with the Veloz we have locally, we can see that a lot of black cladding was added. The bumpers also got a major redesign with front, side, and rear skirts added in. Plus, it gets new alloy wheels, too. As for the height, it goes up by about 15mm from what was only 190 mm on the garden variety Veloz. At 205 mm, that pushes it closer to the competition who are all in (and well above) the 200 mm clearance.

Toyota Veloz X Urban Thailand Inline 03 Min

Photo: Toyota

Don’t expect any mechanical or hardware changes to the Veloz X Urban, though. Under its hood sits the same engine. The 1.5-liter Dual VVT gasoline engine still pumps out a decent 105 HP and 138 Nm of pull, so for those wondering, yes, it will perform as well as you’ve come to know the Veloz. No transmission changes made their way to the X Urban, either, and it still comes equipped with a CVT.

Toyota Veloz X Urban Thailand Inline 02 Min

Photo: Toyota

When model variants like this make their debut, especially from a country that we source some vehicles from, we can’t help but wonder if they will ever make their way here. The Veloz does have a strong following, and the MPV competition is getting stiffer and tougher. Toyota is not one to back away from a good challenge, and bringing the Veloz X Urban can take the fight right to the Xpander Cross’, Stargazer X‘s, and even the BR-V’s doorstep.

What say you, Toyota Motor Philippines? Yes? No?

Mikko Juangco
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