Alfa Romeo to release another crossover called the Milano

Alfa Romeo is set to unveil its latest creation, a “sport urban vehicle” named the Milano, paying homage to the city where the iconic automaker originated—Milan, Italy. Scheduled for its grand debut in April, the Milano will mark Alfa’s foray into the electric vehicle realm, aligning with the automotive industry’s growing emphasis on sustainability. This bold step is underscored by the symbolic choice of name, drawing a direct connection to Milan, a city revered in the company’s emblem.

The buzz surrounding this new crossover has been building for months. In June, Alfa Romeo engaged its social media community, inviting them to propose names for the forthcoming SUV, with speculations leaning towards the moniker “Brennero.” Come November, the anticipation escalated as Alfa teased glimpses of distinctive taillights accompanied by the caption, “A new era begins.” All signs point to the Milano being the star of these teasers.

Positioned as a B-segment vehicle, the Milano will serve as the entry point into the Alfa brand, opening doors for potential buyers seeking a fusion of sportiness and urban functionality. While it’s confirmed as a battery-electric vehicle, the possibility of additional powertrain options, such as hybrid variants, remains on the table. Speculation suggests that the Milano might share its platform with the Jeep Avenger, a model introduced last year featuring an electric motor generating 154 hp. The platform’s versatility extends to supporting a three-cylinder, mild-hybrid engine, showcasing Alfa’s commitment to offering diverse choices to its customers.

The official unveiling of the Milano is eagerly anticipated, with Milan, Italy, serving as the backdrop for this momentous event. As the automotive landscape undergoes a significant shift towards electrification, Alfa Romeo’s decision to enter the electric vehicle market reflects a strategic move to align with evolving consumer preferences.

While the official distribution plans for the Milano in the Philippines remain uncertain, the increasing local demand for electric and hybrid vehicles might tip the scales in favor of Alfa Romeo’s entry into the market. The Milano could serve as the catalyst for Alfa Romeo to establish its presence in the Philippines, tapping into the burgeoning market for sustainable and innovative automotive solutions.


Carlos Miguel Divino

Carlos Miguel Divino

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