Select Grab passengers to get credit refund beginning December 31

In compliance with the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC), ride-hailing app Grab has announced that it will soon start to distribute credit refunds to its passengers via Grab wallet.

grab logo • Select Grab passengers to get credit refund beginning December 31

This comes after the PCC fined Grab a total of PHP 16.15 million; PHP 14.15 million of it was due to “extraordinary deviation on its pricing commitment” while the PHP 2 million was for exceeding driver cancellation at 7.76%, instead of Grab’s promised 5%. The PHP 14.15 million penalties will be disbursed through Grab riders as a credit refund, while the remaining PHP 2 million will be paid by Grab directly to the PCC.

Grab stated that the passenger disbursement is “is computed from the proportion of the total fare of the passenger incurred within the time period, multiplied by the total fine to be disbursed.” Passengers who took rides from February 10 to May 10 and have total fares of every PHP 1,200 or for every PHP 450 fare from May 11 to August 11 are eligible to receive a PHP 1.00 refund in their GrabPay wallets for each of the relevant periods.

The total amount varies per passenger, and the disbursement is only available for GrabCar rides in Manila. Grab has also asked its passengers to complete the basic KYC (Know-Your-Customer) process in GrabPay to redeem the disbursement amount.

Grab is set to begin the disbursement process by December 31, 2019.



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