Motorcycle taxi services to be terminated after March 23

Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) member and multi-agency Technical Working Group (TWG) Chair Antonio Gardiola announced that motorcycle-hailing services such as Angkas cannot operate anymore after March 23.

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From a report by the Inquirer, the TWG approved to run an extension of the test run from January to March 23, 2020, after which, the TWG concluded that there is no reason to stretch the test run beyond that date. Gardiola stated that they would be working on a conclusive study after March, and added “That they are running now on the road is because of the study. That’s what they can’t understand. When we have already submitted our recommendations to Congress, the study is terminated.

The announcement comes after the rising tension between Angkas and the between the transport regulators DoTr, LTFRB, and the agency’s TWG. While the agencies allowed the January to March 23 extension, it had also imposed a 10,000 rider cap on the ride-hailing services. Angkas had opposed the limit, stating that 17,000 out of its 27,000 riders would be displaced once it takes effect. As of press time, Angkas has only registered 2,204 of its drivers, while Joyride has submitted 6,907 names and Move It registered 1,414 drivers.

In the report, Gardiola also mentioned,

“There is still no law [amending Republic Act No. 4136 to allow bikes for public transport]. How then would all those riders be able to run on the road? Nobody can say, ‘Please consider them.’ The law covers all. If the law says bikes are not allowed, then they are not allowed. Who then will Angkas blame?”

Additionally, when asked if terminating motorcycle services is a viable option with the increasing traffic woes in Metro Manila, TWG member Bert Suansing stated:

“That’s no longer the problem of the TWG. They (motorcycle taxi drivers) will have to be apprehended on the road. That’s the problem of the enforcers already.”

Source: Inquirer





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