Poll: What’s your in-car music solution?

Was setting up my in-car music system the other day and realized I haven’t been using the CD player for a long time. I used to burn MP3 music into CDs and use them in the car but have switched to the iPod in recent years.

So I’m curious what drivers prefer as source of their music inside the car.

honda accord interior • Poll: What's your in-car music solution?

Let’s put this to a poll and see what’s the most popular, shall we?

  • I used the built-in CD/MP3 player in the car.
  • I prefer tuning in to FM radio.
  • Cassette tape FTW!
  • I hook up my iPod/Zune/MP3 player to the car stereo.
  • I use an FM transmitter or Bluetooth from my phone or another device.
  • I don’t use any or whatever works.
  • Don’t have a car.

Go hit the comments section to share your vote.

  1. I prefer using flash based storage – USB or burn mp3’s. After work and going to work, i listen to 89.9fm.

  2. I used the built-in CD/MP3 player in the car.

  3. Using my Nexus1/Galaxy Tab as MP3 player attached to my Sony headunit via an auxiliary cable. It plays my GTunes downloaded MP3s well and boy oh boy, i was surprised when i got a call and it went through the car speakers on auto speakerphone mode, fantastic!!!!

  4. itouch or ipad connected to auxiliary jack

  5. I have one of those touch screen dvd with bluetooth, usb /sd card and Ipod connection. But Since my iPhone has the newest firmware, when I plug it in, it doesn’t charge at all. So What I do is hook my iPhone to the Car Charger and stream music via Bluetooth…

  6. I listen to AM radio, pag drama na change freq na ako sa FM.

  7. I use to connect iPod, Cellphone or Usb Flash drive in my car.. 🙂

  8. short drive : FM sometimes AM radio
    medium distance drive: Built-in CD/MP3 Player
    long distance drive : Ipod Shuffle (1st gen)
    thru the aux cable

  9. stream music thru Bluetooth 🙂

  10. CDs, since there is no car system yet that can play my LPs. Joke!

  11. high school – discman + converter
    college days – pioneer 12 disc cd changer
    working pinas – pioneer in-dash cd/mp3 player
    working abroad – fm transmitter/mp3 player + a crappy clarion car stereo

    degredation at its finest!

  12. i installed on my 1997 corolla a pioneer head unit that had a 10gb hdd attached to it, a hand me down from a cousin. it was a cool idea at that time but the only way to copy your original cds to the hdd was by playing it real time! so i ended up using the unit’s cd/mp3 player most of the time. my commute was about an hour so a cd with mp3s at 320 would last for a few days. i’ve sold the car since together with the pioneer head unit.

    my current vehicle, a nissan xtrail i got brand new in 2004, has a jvc 2 din head unit as standard. don’t see any reason to change it. it plays all my cd/mp3s, has a tape drive, fm radio and 6 speakers. it also has a mini plug to tether your ipod or galaxy tab.

  13. 4,000+ songs on the ipod so getting a stereo with an mp3 link was the best solution for me.

  14. hook up my Sony Xperia Arc hahaha

  15. Using a Kenwood 2-DIN multimedia system (DDX8034BT) with an iPod Classic 120GB (for music) and a 320HG USB HDD (for movies) connected to the Kenwood’s two USB ports.

  16. hehe. poor me.
    Using a Blekin 3.5mm to Cassette adapter with the default Alpine TDA-7552E that came with my Toyota. Attached to an iPod Nano or sometimes the Nokia C1-02.

  17. didnt bother to change the factory installed bose entertainment system.

  18. Well I have three options, depends on the car I’m using. Most of the time I use an FM transmitter or the auxiliary jack. I also have a cassette to 3.5 mm converter though. 🙂

    @alehoy Where did you buy your mount? Isn’t the cord to the the auxiliary port a bit unwieldy or have you found a way to organize it?

  19. media player via aux plug

  20. I am using a Philips DVD head unit, and I use the following to listen to music:
    1. MP3’s on SDCARD
    2. MP3’s burned in DVD
    3. Downloaded HD Music Videos in DVD format

  21. actually I use CD sometimes like whenever I was able to buy a new album and when not, just hook up my cellphone or mp3 player 🙂

  22. Used an FM transmitter on my old car, now I use the auxiliary plug but I still do use the CD/DVD player once in a while.

  23. hey ryan sounds like you’re using a pioneer 3200dvd or 4200dvd

    • @xxxxx, 😀 you can tell huh? i have the 4250dvd. im guessing you had the same dilemma with the album art. my spoiled car has its own ipod nano now because of that.

      • haha tried the 3200dvd before. really liked the interface and all the connectivity. i switched to a p99rs. miss ko na interface ng 3200dvd ang hirap maghanap ng songs sa ipod on p99rs

  24. Most of the time, I play my burned music on a CD. There were times where I will just shift to a FM station. Our car’s stereo is kinda old so I can’t just play music from my mp3 or usb.

  25. “Don’t have a car.”

    But if I had 1…maybe my car music player should have a built in memory card slot and USB…that would be fine for my MP3’s 🙂

  26. I’m using an aftermarket DVD headunit.

    Option A: SD card with 320kbps mp3s; clarity as good as CDs
    Option B: ipod so I get to see the album art on display on my HU model, ipod remains charged.

    Both options allow control via HU unlike aux input. Tried FM transmitters before but quality goes down to 96kbps level. Stereo Bluetooth A2DP is a good option but your phone gets drained over time.

  27. FM radio or iPod shuffle

  28. i wanna hear from the people using aftermarket headunits! how do you guys connect your media? thanks!

  29. I use my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ as in-car, all-in-one solution for music, movies, GPS, Maps, browsing and last but not the least Facebook. I use a windshield mount to securely hold the Tab, and connect the 3.5mm stereo out into the car’s audio system. Works ok.

  30. @Yuga: Nice ng Honda Accord mo 😀

    Back to topic:

    My choice? -> “I prefer tuning in to FM radio.” 😀

  31. yung iba dyan kahit walang car, kunwari meron.

  32. The only time I ever listen to radio is when I’m driving…..so it’s FM radio for me.

  33. i am using bluetooth connection of iphone to stream music then match it with voice command of ford fiesta :”>

  34. CD quality trumps mp3 anytime

  35. I use CD player since the ipod connector of our car is only compatible with my sister’s ipod classic and not with my ipod touch.

  36. I use an FM transmitter or Bluetooth from my phone or another device… (ung kabitan s sindihan ng yosi)

  37. Reply Avatar of Don’t have a car.
    Don’t have a car. May 11, 2011 at 7:35 pm

    Don’t have a car.

  38. either am/fm or ipod(bluetooth)…

  39. Don’t have a car

    padaan mga kababayan 🙂

  40. cd or ipod connected via FM transmitter. matching it with a nice separates and subwoofer

  41. CD or mp3 player playing CD quality ripped tunes!

  42. i use my galaxy tab for my music connected by auxiliary plug to car stereo…

  43. I use an FM transmitter (griffin, or the china one. the griffin eats up so much battery.

  44. No car FTW! lolz…

    But if I had one I would probably just use a cheap mp3 player. The bluetooth option is nice but I think it can interfere with my cellphone use

  45. Use my Archos 5 IT as my mp3/video player.
    Its hooked up to a FM Transmitter (from CDRKING cost only 100 php years ago).

  46. CD with FM stereo. Used the stereo more often. Morning rusher! 🙂

    But if I have the choice to upgrade, I would go for DVD multimedia solution with not less than 7″ screen for entertainment and navigation.

  47. Just connect my BB but still use CD/mp3 and stereo sometimes

  48. tapedeck adapter w/ 3.5mm plug to my iPhone. 😀

  49. halos lahat ng bagong head unit ngaun meron ng USB support. kaya i just bought a 4gb usb para sa car lang. di ko na tinatangal. para na akong naka cd next nalang ng next. hassle pa pag nag ddrive tapos naka ipod prone sa banga.:))

  50. I really prefer to have an auxiliary plug to the car stereo so I can just plug in my mp3 player, but our cars are pretty old so they don’t have that feature. Next best thing is plain old FM radio or CD player. But I rarely use the CD player so I just listen to FM radio.

  51. Don’t have a car.

    But if I have one, I would prefer to hook up my iPod or my cellphone

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