Toyota Corolla Cross gets update and price bump for 2023

Ever since its launch a couple of years ago, the Toyota Corolla Cross has become a sought-after crossover because of its brand and the fact that it’s a hybrid.

Over the years though the competition has caught up, so Toyota decided to give its popular crossover an update and a corresponding price bump.

Toyota Corolla Cross Inline 1

Toyota Corolla Cross 2023 Updates

First things first let’s talk about the price increases. The top-of-the-line GR-S gets a huge PHP 70,000 bump, while the hybrid V variant and gasoline-powered G variant get respectable PHP 15,000 price bumps.

Here are the exact prices:

  • Corolla Cross 1.8 GR-S HEV CVT – PHP1,844,000
  • Corolla Cross 1.8 V HEV CVT – PHP1,680,000*
  • Corolla Cross 1.8 G CVT – PHP1,318,000*

*Additional P15,000 for White Pearl finish

Toyota Corolla Cross Inline 2

Now, these price bumps aren’t there for no reason, the brand is adding a few new features to the vehicle as well. The GR-S gets a new roof rail, sunroof, nine-inch infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, wireless charger, and video-recording system (front and rear). Said recording system is now available across the range, and the V variant also has the wireless charger added to its list of new features.

With all these new upgrades does the Corolla Cross appeal more to you now? or is the price bump just a little too much?

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