The Mazda 2 is a fun ride!


Mazda Philippines lent us one of their cars over the week-end, a Mazda 2. Then again, I’m no car expert — I just love driving them — so, just like the previous ones I’ve tried, this isn’t a review but more of a driving experience.

mazda 2 2011 • The Mazda 2 is a fun ride!

I originally requested for the Mazda MX5 but due to some filing mix-up and changes in the test schedule. They told me they’ll swap it once I’m done with this one. For the meantime, the Mazda2 will do for most of my city driving.

mazda 2 • The Mazda 2 is a fun ride!

The Mazda 2 was once on top of my consideration when I was getting my 3rd car. It’s sub-compact, not too heavy on the gas and the pocket, yet still has that slight semblance of its sporty sibling, the Mazda 3. It was up there on my list together with the Honda Jazz, Honda City and Chevrolet Cruze (though not all are in the same category).

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mazda 2 philippines • The Mazda 2 is a fun ride!

As most sub-compact naturally go, the Mazda 2 is indeed small both from the outside and the inside. There’s enough leg-room to move around but not that much if you want to stretch your legs any further. Even the luggage compartment at the back didn’t have enough space although I think you can fold the back seats to allow more storage space. The cabin is a bit low for my height (I’m only 5’8″) too.

mazda 2 manila • The Mazda 2 is a fun ride!

What it lacks in storage space it makes up for looks — the Mazda 2 has the edgy and sporty design that will certainly catch your attention. Those sharp window frames, the curves and angles at the right places give it a sexy appeal. The front view even has that same Angry Birds-like demeanor as the Mazda 3 (though a bit toned down). The Mazda 2 actually reminds me of the Mini and I sometimes mistake the one for the other.

mazda2 philippines • The Mazda 2 is a fun ride!

Driving the Mazda2 is really fun and easy (like driving a golf cart) — very smooth and light on the steering wheel, responsive and gives you enough power to kick up to desired speed. Was able to bring it to 120kmph at C5 without so much effort. I reckon I can push it to 150 or 160kmph if I had more road space. It even pumps out that relatively loud sporty sound when you step on the gas and rev it up to 3.5k or higher.

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The car manages a relatively smooth drive along the somewhat rugged roads of EDSA (with minimal thuds and rattling). It’s not the smoothest I’ve driven but nevertheless surprising and pleasant for its size and category.

For a more detail specification, you can check this slide (put on full screen or just download the PDF).

Mazda 2 Complete Specs:

As for gas consumption, I can’t be very accurate but from memory I was able to use up less than half of the tank in the last 140km that I’ve driven the car around the city (that’s at least 8+km per liter for city driving).

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I like the fact that Mazda included controls in the steering wheel for music controls and the headlamps are situated in the front and not the top middle corner.

Was a bit curious on what those S and L mode meant in the gear shifts. Read somewhere they’re special modes for Second and Low. Haven’t tried them yet though.

The entire Mazda2 line-up are as follows (mine is the 1.5L A/T):

Mazda 2 Variants and Prices

Mazda2 Sport R
MZR 1.5L , In-line 4 Cylinder, DOHC, 16-Valve, S-VT, 4-speed Automatic (Electronic)
Price: Php799,000

Mazda2 R
MZR 1.5L , In-line 4 Cylinder, DOHC, 16-Valve, S-VT, 4-speed Automatic
Price: Php789,000

Mazda2 V
MZR 1.5L , In-line 4 Cylinder, DOHC, 16-Valve, S-VT, 5-speed Manual
Price: Php729,000

Mazda2 S
1.3L I4 DOHC 16-valve, S-VT, 5-speed manual
Body styles: 5-Door and 4-Door
Price: Php689,000

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