Auto China 2024: Geely unveils groundbreaking Starship SUV Prototype

Geely Auto has taken the stage at Auto China 2024 to unveil its latest technological marvel, the Starship SUV prototype. This cutting-edge vehicle represents a leap forward in intelligent vehicle technology, marking Geely as the first automaker capable of building AI cars with AI architecture.

The Starship prototype boasts Geely’s most advanced innovations in intelligent architecture, safety features, high-performance electrification, and smart ecosystems. Continuing the Yinhe family design language, the Starship incorporates the new generation Leishen electric hybrid, 11-in-1 smart electric drive, panoramic surround audio AI system, and AI smart seats. These technologies integrate intelligent driving, big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing to create a futuristic mobility experience.

Geely Auto Group CEO, Mr. Gan Jiayue, emphasized that these intelligent technologies will gradually be integrated into the Yinhe new energy product series, starting with the Starship, signaling the entry of every new Yinhe series vehicle into the AI era.

This is the Geely Starship SUV Prototype

geely starship suv prototype auto china 2024 inline 01

The centerpiece of Geely’s technological prowess is the GEA Global Intelligent New Energy Architecture, the world’s first four-in-one AI intelligent architecture. This architecture combines hardware, system, ecology, and AI, offering significant advancements in spatial design, intelligent energy, comprehensive safety, AI intelligence, and driving performance. It supports various electrification options, including pure electric, hybrid, range extender, and green methanol, providing users with a wide range of power choices.

Geely’s self-developed AI digital chassis integrates proprietary chassis technology, intelligence, electrification, and large-scale AI models, showcasing industry-leading autonomous driving and active safety capabilities. The AI digital chassis enables automatic evasive maneuvers under extreme conditions, providing users with proactive accident prevention and control security.

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In terms of electrification, Geely introduces an 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive, a new generation of Leishen electric hybrid, and a new generation of Shendun battery safety system. These advancements demonstrate Geely’s leading capabilities in the complete vertical integration of the new energy industry chain, from core battery materials to independently developed electric drives and controls.

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The Starship prototype’s electrification features include an 11-in-1 intelligent electric drive, the lightest, smallest, and most efficient in the industry, achieving an industry-leading efficiency of over 90%. Additionally, the new generation Leishen hybrid electric powertrain achieves a global highest thermal efficiency of 46%, with impressive range capabilities.

Geely’s breakthrough achievements in battery safety include the new generation Shendun battery safety system, pioneering four major safety standards and creating a comprehensive safety protection system for the Yinhe E8. With 32 standard safety features, Geely aims to provide users with safe and secure vehicles.

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Geely‘s unveiling of the Starship SUV prototype and its array of technological breakthroughs marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry, signaling the dawn of a new era of intelligent and electrified vehicles.

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