Auto China 2024: Mazda unveils EZ-6 and ARATA electrified vehicles

Changan Mazda Automobile Corporation Ltd. (Changan Mazda), in collaboration with Mazda Motor Corporation (Mazda), made a significant announcement at Auto China 2024, revealing their latest ventures into the realm of electrified vehicles. The event showcased the Mazda EZ-6, an all-new electrified vehicle, along with the Mazda ARATA, a design concept model, both poised to make waves in the Chinese automotive market.

EZ-6 and ARATA headline for Mazda at Auto Show China 2024

Mazda Arata Ez 6 Auto China 2024 Beijing Motor Show 2024 Inline 03 Min

The Mazda EZ-6, slated for mass production and set to hit the Chinese market by the end of 2024, marks the inception of a series of electrified vehicles developed through a partnership between Changan Mazda, Mazda, and Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. (Changan Automobile). Following closely behind, the Mazda ARATA concept model is projected to enter mass production by the end of 2025, further expanding Mazda’s electrified product lineup in response to China’s accelerating electrification trend.

During the press conference at Changan Mazda, Masahiro Moro, President & CEO of Mazda, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaborative efforts, stating, “We are delighted to introduce the all-new new energy vehicle (NEV) developed in alliance with Mazda and Changan Automobile.” Moro emphasized Mazda’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of Chinese consumers through innovative and advanced vehicle offerings.

The Mazda EZ-6 embodies Mazda’s renowned design philosophy, KODO-Soul of Motion, coupled with Changan Automobile’s expertise in electrified technology. Available in both battery electric vehicle (BEV) and plug-in hybrid electrified vehicle (PHEV) variants, the Mazda EZ-6 aims to cater to diverse customer preferences and lifestyles across China.

Mazda Arata Ez 6 Auto China 2024 Beijing Motor Show 2024 Main 00 Min

Meanwhile, the Mazda ARATA design concept model represents Mazda’s dedication to creating vehicles that uplift the human spirit. With its sleek and elegant design, the crossover SUV targets the discerning taste of Chinese consumers, offering a harmonious blend of sophistication and modernity.

Mazda Arata Ez 6 Auto China 2024 Beijing Motor Show 2024 Inline 01 Min

As Mazda continues to prioritize the ‘Joy of Driving’ under its core Human Centric value, the company remains committed to enhancing customers’ daily experiences and delivering the ‘Joy of Living’ through innovative and inspiring automotive solutions.

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