Ayala Avenue will be a car free on Sunday mornings this September 2023

Sunday is regarded generally as the best day to just go for a drive, it’s the day with the least amount of traffic providing a hassle-free driving experience. Usually, most people would go on Sunday coffee runs in Makati, but starting in September Ayala Avenue will be implementing a car-free scheme.

Ayala Avenue Car-free scheme

Starting on September 3, 2023, Ayala Avenue will be closed off from motorists every morning from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. This scheme will continue all throughout the month of September every Sunday morning only.

This was done by the city to aid citizens and visitors who want to enjoy morning exercises, pet walking, skateboarding, and other people-friendly activities. So those who frequent Makati on Sunday mornings need to plan their trips accordingly.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo's first word was probably "Car", and this has developed into a personal passion that has consumed his professional life as well.

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