After massive backlash, conversion of Ayala Avenue shared bike lanes will not happen just yet

We’re all for active transport, right? We’re all for keeping the bike lanes safe and exclusive for bicyclists, yes? About a week ago, Makati City seemed to have different plans and announced that as of February 15, 2023, the Ayala Avenue bike lanes will be converted to “sharrows” or shared lanes with PUVs. The biking public did not like it.

Implementation of shared bike lanes along Ayala Avenue moved to March 6

Makati Ayala Avenue Shared Bike Lane Deferred Inline 01 Min

The announcement came as a surprise to everyone. In a bid to address the rising number of commuters and PUVs, the Makati LGU decided to use “Shared Lane Markings” to ” indicate a shared lane environment for bicycles and vehicles”. A public outcry mushroomed into masses of bikers taking to the streets to protest the intentions of the LGU. And Makati relented.

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Via a social media post, the City announced that it will be postponing the implementation of shared bike lanes to a later date. March 6, 2023, to be specific. They did say that they “serve and value” the sentiments of the biking community, which is what brought about the change of implementation date.

They likewise said that “the safety of all road users should be given utmost importance“. It’s in this light that they will enhance measures to protect the bikers plying Ayala Avenue. Take note that no cancellation of sharrow plans was announced, so as of this writing, the sharing of bike lanes is inevitable.

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Photo: Make It Makati

As to how the LGU plans to make bikers’ safety its utmost concern, and what they plan to do seeing as their sharrow plans are under heavy scrutiny if you will, remains to be seen. With about two and half weeks left before their intended implementation date, everyone has yet to see their defense of the plans for shared bike lanes.

All eyes are on Makati as this develops. Let’s all hope they find the best and safest solution for everyone involved and everyone who will be affected.

Mikko Juangco
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  1. Bike lanes are not safe at all, to begin with. They just have a small portion on the outer edge of the road and giving cyclists exclusivity of that narrow lane puts to waste the other portion which then gives rise to more vehicular traffic.

    Why not let cyclists use the sidewalks instead? They pose no threat to pedestrians and it’s safer for them!

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