Baguio City Councilor wants to charge tourist vehicles a PHP 50 congestion fee

One of the most (if not the most) popular tourist destinations in the Philippines is Baguio City. So popular that it’s actually called the “Summer Capital” of the Philippines because people flock to the mountain region for cooler weather during the summer.

It’s a given therefore that during “peak” months, Baguio’s small roads tend to be a little more congested than usual. This in turn leads to the equally popular traffic that the city of pines is known to experience.

Baguio City tourist vehicle congestion fee

Baguio city councilor Leandro Yangot Jr. wants to address the issue by implementing a PHP 50 congestion fee for tourist vehicles entering the city. Councilor Yangot went on further by saying most of his colleagues have already given their approval for the proposal.

He also mentioned that exemptions may be given to residents of the La Trinidad-Itogon-Sablan-Tuba-Tublay (LISTT) areas, while there is also a possibility of the exemption being granted to the whole of the Cordillera Administrative Region.

The goal according to Councilor Yangot is to minimize or control traffic to a tolerable level. The fees collected are said to be put in a trust fund for programs and activities aimed at mitigating the traffic problem in Baguio.

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Pablo Salapantan

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