CAVITEX toll fee increase effective May 22, 2022

Earlier this month, an advisory on their official Facebook page showed that a CAVITEX toll fee increase was going to be implemented starting on May 12. It’s been eight days since, and now we have a new announcement. The previous announcement has since been deleted but the new implementation date of the price hike is now set for May 22, 2022.

CAVITEX Toll Fee increase starts in two days

Cavitex Toll Fee Plaza 02 A

Photo: CAVITEX Official Facebook Page

Despite the apparent postponement, the amount by which the toll fees will increase remains the same. For Class 1 vehicles, expect the new toll fee to be PHP 33.00. Class 2 vehicles, on the other hand, will have a new toll fee of PHP 67.00. As for Class 3 vehicles, they now have to cough up PHP 100.00 once they hit the CAVITEX toll plazas.

The original implementation date was postponed to give PUV drivers and operators more time to register for the toll reprieve program. This said program allows those who are registered to enjoy the old CAVITEX toll fees of PHP 25.00 for Class 1, and PHP 50.00 for Class 2 vehicles. The PUV drivers and operators will have to register their RFID accounts into the program in coordination with their respective transport organizations. It will run for 90 days starting on the first day of the implementation of the new CAVITEX toll fees.

For those wondering why the increase, CAVITEX authorities said that the new rates cover and are inclusive of the 2011 and 2014 periodic toll petitions. Those and the add-on toll petitions for enhancement works done along the length of the expressway – which includes road widening – also account for the new toll amounts.

As it is, all of us have already enjoyed a reprieve. The continuing fluctuation of petroleum products doesn’t help ease the “burden” of having to travel, and for most, if not all, neither does a toll fee increase. But then again we just have to see it as something necessary. Unfortunately, the motoring public will have to “cover” the expenses of maintaining a tollway, but a slight CAVITEX toll fee increase – or any other expressway toll fee increase – is better than having narrow, pothole-riddled ones, or not having tollways at all, right?

Mikko Juangco
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