Expect 3 excruciating months of bad traffic jams in this area of Mandaluyong

Citizens of Mandaluyong and those who might frequent the City are in for a lot of traffic, albeit only in a specific area. In a public service announcement, the city has announced that a new one-way-two-way traffic scheme will be implemented along portions of F. Blumentritt and Coronado Street for Manila Water’s pipe laying and road construction works. The duration: 3 months.

Manila Water needs 3 months to complete work in this part of Mandaluyong

Mandaluyong Manila Water 3 Month Traffic Inline 01 Min

Photo: Mandaluyong PIO

The block between Blumentritt, Coronado, and San Francisco streets will be affected by a new albeit temporary traffic rerouting scheme. Construction of Manila Water is set at the fork connecting Bluemntritt and the Private Road on the Coronado Extension-bound lane.

Mandaluyong Manila Water 3 Month Traffic Inline 02 Min

Photo: Mandaluyong PIO

For the next three months starting next week, May 22, 2023, traffic flow in the area will be as follows.

Vehicles bound for Blumentritt, P. Cruz, and Boni Avenue must turn right into San Francisco and then turn left into Private Road heading towards Blumentritt.

Coronado Road will adopt a two-way scheme from the corner of San Francisco to Saniboy Street. No vehicles along Coronado will be allowed to turn right into Blumentritt if they are going towards Boni and P. Cruz, though.

Mandaluyong Manila Water 3 Month Traffic Inline 03 Min

Manila Water has been conducting a lot of projects as of late – like the one along C5-Canley Road in Pasig City which will last until the end of the month – and of course, traffic is to be expected. PSAs like this are meant for us to plan our travels and routes carefully so we aren’t caught unaware or worse, in an already-bad traffic jam.

Stay cool out there, folks! 3 months is a pretty long time, and we’re all going to need all the patience we can get. Choose your routes wisely and avoid the bottlenecks and choke points that this particular construction and road work will cause.

Mikko Juangco
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