DPWH tagged by LGU for damage to Marikina bridge, demands urgent repair works

Some damage has been seen along Marikina Bridge, and the LGU quickly pointed out that it’s because of adjacent road works by the DPWH. The Department of Public Works and Highways is currently working on the Sumulong Flood Interceptor but the contractor is being blamed for the cracks found on the Bridge.

DPWH demands urgent repair and rectification of damage to Marikina Bridge

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Photo: Marikina PIO

The cracks plaguing the Bridge were first seen on January 6, 2023. This coincides with the work that commenced on the DPWH-NCR Sumulong Flood Interceptor Project. According to the letter from the Marikina LGU, signed by Marikina Mayor Marcy Teodoro himself, the damage was due to the “non-stop piledriving activities for pipe laying…This weakened the backfill foundation on the approach of the bridge”.

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Photo: Marikina PIO

The letter likewise stated that “the said incident will not be discovered, as there is a clear lack of coordination from the DPWH-NCR with Marikina LGU. Moreover, there was an intent to hide it from public view by placing coverings in the area”. The Marikina LGU of course sees this as a major public concern that can endanger the safety of the public. The mayor has since demanded the indefinite suspension of the construction activities for the Flood Interceptor project.

What they deem as the priority, for now, is the clear determination of the proper engineering technology/procedures that the DPWH will use to rectify the damage done until the structural integrity of Marikina Bridge is guaranteed for the safety of the public.

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Photo: Marikina PIO

Mayor Teodoro’s statement reads as follows: “We are STRONGLY DEMANDING your office (DPWH) to conduct an URGENT REPAIR AND RECTIFICATION on the damage caused by the DPWH Contractor in the Marikina Bridge IN THE SOONEST POSSIBLE TIME. … Considering that we are duty bound to act on the welfare of the inhabitants of the City of Marikina, we are expecting the IMMEDIATE ACTION OF THE DPWH, otherwise we will be constrained to file necessary legal actions- CIVIL, CRIMINAL and/or ADMINISTRATIVE, if this matter will not be addressed promptly and accordingly.”

There is no other statement as to whether the entire span of the bridge will be closed to traffic, nor has any response from the DPWH been issued. Regardless, urgent repairs have been demanded and will inevitably be done in the interest of public safety. What we can expect, though, is at least a partial closure to get repairs underway.

Drive safely out there, everyone.

Mikko Juangco
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