All new Ford Territory gets very impressive 5-star C-NCAP Safety Rating

Safety must always be a primary criterion for any vehicle buyer. If you have bought an all-new Ford Territory, you’ll be pretty glad you did if that is top-of-mind for buying it. After running the safety gauntlet of the China New Car Assessment Program (C-NCAP), it came out with a 5-star rating. Quite the impressive feat!

Ford Territory aces C-NCAP with a rating of 5 stars

Ford Territory C Ncap 5 Star Rating Inline 01 Min

Photo: C-NCAP

Let’s start with how the Ford Territory did in a full-frontal collision. Out of the highest score of 24 points, it got 19.384. After the evaluation, there was good head, neck, and chest protection provided for the dummies – crash test dummies, okay – inside the vehicle. Even their shins were properly protected. Being transparent as C-NCAP should, they did see some impact on the dummies’ thighs and that’s what ultimately resulted in the aforementioned score.

In what’s called the overlap crash test, the Territory got 20.753 out of 24. This test simulates a vehicle-to-vehicle crash, with the impact point set to a position that will direct more of the impact’s force to the chassis. In this instance, no untoward impact was registered on the dummies’ sensors.

Ford Territory C Ncap 5 Star Rating Inline 04 Min

Photo: C-NCAP

Side impact is where the Territory shone brighter. Out of a potential 20, it got a score of 19.960. This with relatively less of anything to cushion a sideward blow, and with only side and curtain airbags plus door impact beams makes it pretty impressive. Other tests included active safety features as well as pedestrian protection, and collectively, the Territory got 10.898 out of 15.

That notwithstanding, the overall rating does go up to a deserved 5 out of 5.

Ford Territory C Ncap 5 Star Rating Inline 03 Min

Photo: C-NCAP

There’s a reason why the Territory nameplate of Ford has sold very, very well in the Philippines. With the launch of this all-new model, the expectations are as high if not higher, and with value for money also being a top consideration for purchasing a car, you can’t beat the value of the Territory at all.

We can’t wait to get our hands on a unit to test ourselves though. But don’t worry, Ford Philippines, we won’t crash it. The C-NCAP already did that for all of us.

Mikko Juangco
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