LTO apprehends 2 fixers, strongly warns public against patronizing illegal documents and practices

Fixers have long been a prevalent problem within the LTO. It’s also been quite some time since we last heard of any apprehensions of these “enterprising” individuals. Following problem after problem, as well as the push to possibly shorten exams for driver’s license applicants to discourage fixers, the agency seems to have mobilized against this practice and these individuals. Again.

Two fixers nabbed by LTO in Cagayan de Oro. Metro Manila also needs these operations, though.

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Most might have forgotten the LTO’s statement issued last year that both fixers and their patrons may face jail time. We haven’t seen too much news about apprehensions, but a few days ago, the agency announced that Cagayan de Oro City has two fewer fixers. After being alerted to their activities, the Land Transportation Office Regional Office 10 City Intelligence Unit (CIU), as well as City police, nabbed the fixers and found fake Official Receipts, Certificates of Registration, driver’s licenses, and other paraphernalia for creating fake documents.

“Fake licenses translates to unqualified and dangerous drivers, while fake vehicle registrations mean vehicles that are not roadworthy,” said LTO Chief Jay Art Tugade.

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The agency’s informant gave word to the authorities about a fake OR that was sent via a delivery rider. This led to the apprehension of one individual and the subsequent arrest of one more who was pointed to as an accomplice in the production of fake documents in a follow-up operation.

The two suspects are currently in police custody, while yet another is being tracked by law enforcement for a similar offense.

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Tugade expressed his praise and gratitude to the authorities for the successful operation. He further addressed the plague of fixers in the agency saying, “The production of fake licenses and vehicle registrations contributes to additional unqualified drivers on the road, as well as vehicles that have not been deemed road worthy. Our agency aims to ensure the integrity of our processes and ultimately protect the public.”

The Chief also strengthened his call to citizens to cooperate with the agency as well as the police to help eliminate this illegal practice saying that these are what mar the LTO’s reputation in the public’s eye.

That said, kudos to the Cagayan de Oro police and the LTO. But really, we shouldn’t even say that operations like this are needed the most in Metro Manila. Eagerly, we wait for news on how the agency addresses this problem of corruption right here. And hopefully, right now.

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