Yet another split in fuel price adjustments tomorrow, Dec. 5, gas up PHP 0.30, diesel down PHP 0.30

As with last week, a split in fuel price adjustments is scheduled for tomorrow, December 5, 2023. Prices will be updated at different times, but we can expect gas to be more expensive by PHP 0.30 per liter, and diesel to go down by PHP 0.30 (as well) per liter. Gasoline got a reprieve by having no adjustments last week, but alas, a hike will happen this week, whereas diesel goes back down by the same amount it rose last week.

Gas hike and diesel rollback scheduled for tomorrow’s fuel price adjustments

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While many are hoping for another streak of fuel price rollbacks, it seems we’ll all have to be happy with a piecemeal for now. Adjustments were mixed and split between gasoline and diesel in the past few weeks, and tomorrow will bring the same news. Tomorrow will see a welcome rollback for diesel by PHP 0.30 and a rise in gasoline prices for the same amount, PHP 0.30 per liter.

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Most players will be adjusting their pump prices come 6:00 AM on December 5, as is the common practice between brands. The earliest changes will be applied as the clock strikes midnight, and this will include Caltex and Cleanfuel, the latter of which usually holds off until a later time in the day to change their prices.

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As expected, the unpredictability of oil prices the world over can either bring an increase or decrease in fuel prices, but as it’s been going, having one go up and the other lower is better than both getting a substantial fuel price hike, right?

That said, you may find this list of practices when filling up at a gas station quite entertaining, and more importantly, educational because these are some fuel-saving myths that have been debunked. We’re all about getting the most out of our fuel, but sometimes, knowledge can save us a little more than just a few centavos. And time.

Oh, and traffic is only bound to get worse from hereon, so plan your travels accordingly, ladies and gentlemen. We never know when the gods of price hikes will rear their unwelcome heads toward us again.


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