Fuel Price Rollback and Increase November 15, 2022: Diesel down by PHP 0.30, Gasoline up PHP 0.90

Fuel prices have started to trend in different directions for the past few weeks. In the recent past, diesel has been the more expensive fuel by quite a big margin, not to mention the fact that on some weeks diesel prices would go up while gasoline prices would go down.

November 15, 2022 Fuel Price changes

Last week and this week seem to be showing a different trend for the price of fuel, diesel has been experiencing rollbacks while gasoline prices are seemingly increasing in increments.

Here are the expected price changes as announced by numerous fuel companies:

Diesel: – PHP 0.30

Gasoline: – PHP 0.90

Kerosene: + PHP 1.35

As for the reason for the different price trends? we’re not entirely sure but we do hope that both diesel and gasoline start to consistently go down together, rather than separately rise and fall in price.


Fuel Price November 15 2022

Sea Oil:

Fuel Price November 15 2022 1


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