Fuel price rollback tomorrow July 5, possible PHP 0.10 gas, PHP 2.80 – 2.90 diesel

After four consecutive weeks of fuel price hikes, we’re finally getting some good news! The month-long increases in petroleum product prices come to a stop tomorrow, July 5, as announcements have been made for a PHP 2.80 – 2.90 rollback in diesel, while gasoline prices might get a PHP 0.10 reduction per liter.

Fuel price rollback tomorrow is the first after 4 consecutive weekly increases

As of posting, not all fuel players gave exact figures for their price adjustments tomorrow, but it’s always safe to say that those ranges are fairly accurate. There will be changes depending on the area and station, but they won’t be too far off from the fuel prices that have been forecast.

Fuel Price Rollback July 5 Inline 01

Photo: Unioil

As of this writing, Unioil has already posted the announcement on their Facebook page confirming the price change. No specific time was given as to when they will change pump prices, though.

We’ll be waiting for the other players’ announcements, but they should all come within the day. Expect price adjustments to take effect anytime between 12:01 AM to 8:30 AM tomorrow.

Any rollback, big or small, is appreciated after pump prices kept increasing in recent months. Many have expressed their thoughts that this small break from fuel price increases might be a short-lived “victory” and that next week we might see hikes that will be more than what the price reductions will be.

In any case, we’ll all take what we can get. The crises are far from over, but we can always find ways to make the most out of every tank of gas that we fill. You can look at our tips to improve your fuel consumption here and our debunked fuel-saving tips here. We’re all about practical tips in YugaAuto, and we’re here for you, dear readers.

So put a smile on that face and maybe get those fuel tanks filled up. Any rollback is a good rollback.


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