Tokyo Motor Show will be renamed to Japan Mobility Show 2023 onwards

One of the biggest automotive events is the Tokyo Motor Show (TMS), Japanese manufacturers usually go all-out on what they showcase during the event.

In fact, the event is so big that motoring media from all over the world usually converge for the motor show. Unfortunately, the last show was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it was the first time the show didn’t push through since its first event in 1954.

Tokyo Motor Show -> Japan Mobility Show

Now that most of the world has more or less returned to normal most expected that the Tokyo Motor Show would come back soon. It’s just been reported that TMS is gone, and in its place is the newly rebranded Japan Mobility Show. This will be held from October 26 to November 5, 2023, at the Tokyo Big Sight.

This comes as a bit of s surprise only because the idea of switching the messaging to a ‘Mobility’ show under JAMA was first floated around when the show was canceled in 2021.

Tokyo Motor Show Rebrand Inline

“This time, we are also considering expanding the event to the Rinkai Fukutoshin area and areas near Tokyo Big Sight, implementing various programs, and aiming to make the event even more enjoyable for one million visitors.

“We will start recruiting exhibitors in the general area, including next-generation mobility including passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, car bodies, parts and machinery, and other industries from November 21 (Monday) this year, and will open in January 2023. The deadline is scheduled for the 31st (Tuesday). In addition, we will be recruiting for exhibiting and participating in various organizer programs at a later date.” said the official press release.

The Tokyo Motor Shows used to always give a lot of insight into what the brands had planned for the future, we do hope that despite the rebranding the spirit of TMS continues.

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