Foton PH set to unveil diesel-hybrid pickups at MIAS, the TUNLAND V7 & V9

The pickup truck segment has always been a lucrative one, any automaker who wants to make a splash in the market has to seriously consider selling a pickup truck.

Foton has always been a brand that offered rugged trucks and SUVs, with the world becoming more conscious about the ‘carbon footprint’ and rising fuel costs, the brand is introducing a model that could shake the market up.

Foton PH to introduce TUNLAND V7 and V9 at 2024 MIAS

The brand’s latest post on its official Facebook page showcases not a teaser but a full-on reveal of what they plan to launch during this year’s Manila International Auto Show; a diesel-hybrid pickup.

No official specs and prices have been revealed as of yet, both Foton TUNLAND models look very modern and very macho. The styling brings them into the same league as the current crop of established pickup nameplates. What remains to be seen is how the buying public will receive what is essentially a new powertrain type for a very demanding segment of the automotive industry.

Credit where credit is due though, Foton is brave enough to frontier into a diesel-hybrid type of pickup in time where hybrids are becoming the preferred type of propulsion in the Philippines.

Pablo Salapantan

Pablo Salapantan

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