MMDA, HPG reminds riders to wear only “standard protective motorcycle helmets”

The Highway Patrol Group (HPG) has posted a reminder for all riders. In relation to Republic Act (RA) 10054 otherwise known as the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009, drivers and their pillion riders must use standard protective helmets. The Act mandates all motorcycle riders to wear proper helmets and sets forth penalties for those who may be found in violation.

But what is covered by RA 10054?

RA 10054: Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009

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By definition, it states that “The Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 mandates all motorcycle riders to wear standard protective motorcycle helmets and provides for specific penalties for its violation”. Cutting to the chase, wearing protective headgear must be a no-brainer for anyone aboard 2-wheelers. But sadly, it also comes as no surprise that so many choose to ignore the law and the dangers of not abiding.

A lot simply neglect it, but there are also some who ask proper questions pertaining to the mandate. For the sake of brevity, a “standard protective helmet” is one that 1.) you can buy from a legitimate shop or authorized dealers and resellers, and 2.) bears the PS mark and an ICC certificate.

Both the Philippine Standard (PS) Quality and/or Safety Mark and the Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) stickers are issued in accordance with the certified quality and provided safety of such products. Assuming they are not counterfeits, then helmets that bear these marks are “standard”. For those who might think of faking their way onto sub-standard helmets, RA 10054 has some news for these individuals, too.

So what then happens to individuals who violate RA 10054 and its provisions?

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Those who are caught not wearing a proper helmet will be fined PHP 1,500 for the first offense, PHP 3,000 for the second, PHP 5,000 for the third, and PHP 10,000 plus confiscation of the rider’s Driver’s License for the fourth and other succeeding offenses.

Next up is the provision for Section 5 of RA 10054. The said section states that “A new motorcycle helmet (that fulfills safety and quality standards)… shall be made available by every seller and/or dealer every time a new motorcycle unit is purchased and which the purchases may buy at A Basically, a helmet must either come with the purchase of a new motorcycle, or helmets should readily be available for purchase at the dealership. Violation of this Section has a minimum PHP 10,000 and a maximum PHP 20,000 fine.

Any person who uses, sells, and distributes substandard helmets or helmets without the PS mark or an ICC certificate will be fined no less than PHP 3,000 for the first offense and PHP 5,000 for the second.

Other unscrupulous individuals who may resort to tampering, alteration, or faking either the PS mark and/or ICC certificates are also in for a fine of no less than PHP 10,000 but not more than PHP 20,000 for their indiscretion.

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Like we said earlier, wearing a helmet must not need any prodding and reminding. As someone who respects oneself, the riding community, and the value of life, then it should go without saying that the use of a proper helmet that provides maximum safety is paramount. Is your helmet compliant, and are you complying with the Motorcycle Helmet Act?

We hope it is, and we hope that you are. Safe riding, everyone!

Mikko Juangco
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