Bold (and blundering) driving school issues Certificate of Completion to “no show” student

Unscrupulous driving schools are still at it, make no mistake about that. Among the latest ones that the LTO caught engaging in questionable activities, one of the agency’s accredited schools was found to have – allegedly – issued what they say is a “no show” certificate of completion for one of its students/driver’s license applicants. A big fine and suspension were meted out to the said school.

LTO catches erring driving school, fraudulent certificates issued to applicant

Lto Accredited Driving School No Show Certificate Inline 01 Min

Photo: Land Transportation Office

According to the LTO, the driving school in question was not able to present the required documentation and recordings of the Theoretical Driving School (TDC) to the Regional Accreditation Committee on Driving Institutions (RACDI) when they were asked to. That, and what was alleged as the issuance of a “no show” certificate of completion for a Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) to a student/aspiring license applicant was reason enough to have a Cease and Desist order to its owners.

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

The actions of the driving school in Jaro, Iloilo City, violate Article IX, Section 24 (C)(11) and (F) of Memorandum Circular No. VDM 2023-2460: Revised Omnibus Guidelines on the Accreditation, Supervision, and Control of Driving Institutions, and the Standardization of Driver and Conductor’s Education.

Along with the Cease and Desist Order, it was also slapped with a PHP 80,000 fine and a six-month suspension.

Lto Accredited Driving School No Show Certificate Inline 03 Min

Photo: Land Transportation Office

As we all know, the issuance of certifications without proper attendance and completion of required courses undermines the integrity of the agency and poses a significant risk to public safety. For something like this to be done by an accredited school, it shows how many pay no mind to the fact that driving schools play a critical role in preparing aspiring drivers to be road-ready. Being able to afford these TDCs/schools is one thing, but “graduating” without proper education and training is a totally different matter.

All these said the LTO is reminding everyone, especially its accredited schools, to adhere to established guidelines and maintain high standards in driver and conductor’s education.

Mikko Juangco
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