Isuzu “E-Max”? Not its official name, but reports say an electrified D-Max is on its way in 2025

The major following of the Isuzu D-Max is unquestionable. Wherever it’s sold, we see a lot of them on the road. Granted, the badge and name itself are already aging, and in keeping up with the times, perhaps electrification will give a longer “lease on life” for the Isuzu workhorse, yes? We’ll have to wait and see because according to some reports, Isuzu is working on an electrified version of the pickup truck and it may be available by 2025!

Out with diesel, in with electrification for the D-Max

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Reports from The Land of the Rising Sun, specifically Nikkei Asia, have indicated that Isuzu is indeed working on an electrified version of the D-Max. Come 2025, it will first be sold in Norway and Thailand will follow soon after. This comes after numerous other automotive brands have announced that they will also be coming out with electrified versions of their pickup models, and Isuzu wouldn’t want to get caught late in the fray.

Considered as the D-Max’s home market, Isuzu controls around half of Thailand’s market for pickups, a category that makes for more than 40% of the country’s vehicle sales.

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As for the competition, BYD from China is building its own EV production plant in the eastern Thailand province of Rayong. BYD’s sales account for a staggering (estimated) 30% of EV sales in Thailand. Along with BYD, other China brands such as Great Wall Motor and even the SAIC Group are already planning to come out with Thailand-produced vehicles.

But perhaps the biggest rival of the upcoming electric D-Max will be the Toyota Hilux EV. The brand has announced that the model is currently being built but its release date (or year) is still up in the air. Regardless, that is a neighboring Japanese brand that Isuzu must also contend with.

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The world is truly clamping down on emissions and turning to more nature- and environmentally-friendly means of transportation. While other energy sources such as hydrogen are already being tapped, electrification is the (current) way, it seems. Being such a popular model, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the D-Max and maybe even its SUV sibling, the mu-X, will also go the electric route.

2025 is just a year and a half away, and for those who care about Mother Nature and are a fan of Isuzu‘s “bullet-proof” reliability, their electrified pickup is something to definitely look forward to!

Mikko Juangco
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