John Cena admits driving a 2020 Honda Civic Type R, but we definitely haven’t seen it yet

If you’re a WWE athlete like John Cena, you’d probably own flashy exotics, right? Okay, he does. But what’s actually surprising is that his daily drive of choice is none other than a 2020 Honda Civic Type R. Yes he owns a Countach, too, but as a daily beater, he finds the CTR a better car to use.

Has anyone seen the Type R of John Cena already? We can’t see it

John Cena Honda Civic Type R Inline 01 Min

Photo: Andrew Santino

Cena was recently a guest on Andrew Santino’s podcast and that was where they talked about his career, which eventually led to their dream cars and what the multi-champion wrestler drives daily. Now don’t mistake the “also really unreliable” part of the subtitles as Cena referring to the CTR, no no. It’s just how the captions/subtitles appear, so do excuse that.

During this part of the podcast/video, the Doctor of Thuganomics had some good things listed as to why he likes driving the R over his more expensive, fancy sports cars.

John Cena Honda Civic Type R Inline 02 Min

Photo: Andrew Santino

“My daily driver is a Civic Type R,” Cena shared. “It’s got tech, it’s manual, reliable. It’s got seats in the back. I can actually pick people up. If you’ve got a purse in a Countach, you’re screwed. At 145 mph, it’s stable,” he later added. While he does like his Lamborghini Countach, he does describe driving it as a “dog fight”. Can’t really blame him if his comparison is a “commercial” JDM car, right?

See, I suppose his part in the Fast and the Furious franchise does come with some street cred; the guy does know his stuff.

John Cena Honda Civic Type R Inline 04 Min

Photo: Andrew Santino

Honestly, it’s amusing and refreshing seeing such high-profile personalities and athletes going a more “subdued” route when it comes to their taste for cars. While the Honda Civic Type R isn’t a textbook definition of “subdued”, it does have a whole lot going for it from performance, looks, space, and driveability which we just found out are what attracted John Cena to it.

Again, can we blame him? We don’t (see you).

Mikko Juangco
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