Liberty Walk is set to unveil a kitted-out Lamborghini Countach at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

In the preceding year, Liberty Walk, a renowned Japanese tuner, garnered widespread attention and sparked heated debates across the internet by crafting a highly customized widebody version of the iconic Ferrari F40. The contentious issue revolved around the ethical implications of altering such a coveted automotive masterpiece. Undeterred by the controversy, Liberty Walk is once again poised to make waves at the 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, this time turning its attention to another ’80s legend: the Lamborghini Countach.

Although only a teaser video has been released thus far, it tantalizingly reveals glimpses of the reimagined Countach’s exterior, unveiling its transformed features one section at a time. Following the template set by the F40 project, Liberty Walk opts for a striking white exterior to accentuate the dramatic modifications made to the Lamborghini’s visual identity.

The revamped front end commands attention with the addition of a prominent front splitter and a lower fascia adorned with a rectangular mesh covering three openings, imparting a distinctively boxy aesthetic to the nose. Integrated canards on the corners seamlessly meld into the widened fender flares, creating a fluid and curvaceous line from the front to the wheel well.

Moving to the sides, broader lower sills connect the widened fenders, accompanied by a strategically placed opening ahead of the rear wheels. Notably, the body-color vertical strakes within the vents on the upper portion of the tail suggest that this rendition might be based on the 25th Anniversary Countach. Complementing the design, the classic supercar rests on dark-colored, deep-dish Rohana Forged wheels featuring Y-shaped spokes and Toyo tires.

The audacious modifications extend to the rear, where Liberty Walk discards the factory wing in favor of an even more substantial replacement that attaches beneath the rear bumper. Flush-mounted taillights replace the inset lamps found on the production version, while a massive diffuser underneath the quad exhaust outlets contributes to the overall motorsport-inspired aesthetic.

It’s worth noting that Liberty Walk’s prior endeavor with the F40 stirred controversy and divided opinions among automotive enthusiasts. Judging solely from this teaser video, it’s evident that the tuner’s reinterpretation of the Countach is likely to be equally polarizing (or attractive, depending on the beholder), promising yet another chapter in the ongoing dialogue surrounding the intersection of automotive heritage and contemporary customization.

That being said, we will be at the upcoming 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon, so stay tuned for our coverage on this Liberty Walk Lamborghini Countach. Meanwhile, you can watch Liberty Walk’s teaser video of their Countach below.

Liberty Walk Lamborghini Countach Teaser Video:


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