Deadly (est) deadline? LTFRB gives PUV operators June 30 “ultimatum” to modernize their fleets

Here we have it, folks. Following the LTFRB’s announcement of a fourth and possibly final extension for PUV franchises, it has announced that their validity will only be until June 30, 2023. At this point, operators should have already updated their “fleets” to modern PUVs lest they have their franchises revoked.

LTFRB asks operators and drivers to join cooperatives and corporations

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As the date has been set for the expiry of existing franchises, the agency has likewise announced that operators and drivers must have joined transport cooperatives or corporations by this time. The deadline applies to PUVs nationwide; whether they are operating within or outside of Metro Manila, the narrative is that they must comply.

In our previous post, the agency estimated that only about 60% of PUVs have been upgraded to modernized units while the remaining 40% are still the traditional jeepneys that we see today. As it stands, the operators and drivers have four full months to work this out amongst themselves and the coops and corporations that they might decide on joining. Cooperatives and corporations being mentioned, they must already be accredited by the Office of the Transport Cooperative (OTC) or get registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) by August 31.

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It is inevitable that a lot of people will be affected, namely the PUV operators, but more so their drivers. The LTFRB said that they will be providing aid to those who may be “displaced” for not being able to comply. They may opt to undergo training under the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) or ask for financial assistance from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), should they find themselves in this situation.

The “votes”, so to speak, on the abolition of traditional jeepneys in favor of modern units, have been split down the middle until now. On one hand, a lot is still in favor of the jeepneys of old, while those on the other are all for better and more modern PUVs.

Where do you stand on this whole issue? Will you miss the traditional jeepneys? Would you rather see modern PUVs take their place? What do you think the government will do for those who are at risk of losing their livelihood for not being able to comply with the LTFRB?

Do sound off in the comments, your opinions are always invaluable.

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