Hyundai Mobis e-Corner System makes parallel parking a problem of the past

Parallel parking has to be one of the most dreaded things any driver, old or new, has to do. Hyundai seems to have come up with a solution, though, and the Mobis e-Corner System is making this parking, err, “technique”, a lot easier for everyone. What “crip walk”? “Crab walk”, anyone? Here’s how it works.

Hyundai Mobis develops e-Corner System, making parallel parking, among others, a lot easier

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Photo: Hyundai

Hyundai really is living in the future. By using an IONIQ 5 equipped with the Mobis e-Corner System, the brand showed off “the movement of future mobility” with the EV executing a parallel parking maneuver by adjusting its wheels’ angle, and getting out – not backing out – of a dead-end by making a 180-degree turn.

The e-Corner System was developed and made by Mobis, the parts and service arm of Hyundai.

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Photo: Hyundai

The highlight of the System was the “crab walk” that it used for parallel parking. During the demonstration, all of the IONIQ 5’s 4 wheels turned to a 90-degree angle making parking an absolute cinch. However narrow the slot might be, that was not a problem with e-Corner! And then there’s the feature called the “Zero Turn”. This particular configuration rotates the front wheels inside and the rear wheels outside, allowing the vehicle to make a 360-degree idle turn. This is what was seen when “exiting” the dead-end.

There are also features called “Diagonal Driving” and “Pivot Turn”. The former rotates all 4 wheels in the same direction to help avoid obstacles and other vehicles smoothly, while the latter allows the driver to choose a “central axis” on which the vehicle will rotate accordingly, much like when one draws a circle with a compass.

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Photo: Hyundai

Mobis’ e-Corner System is an all-in-one package module of brake by wire, steer by wire, damper, and in-wheel motor, installed on each wheel. The system is considered the key mobility technology for electrification and autonomous driving. This innovative technology has never been mass-produced anywhere in the world, but that shouldn’t be too far off from actually happening.

“We are idealizing the e-Corner System in order to meet the demands for future mobility. We will secure different types of customized mobility solutions that can be applied in autonomous driving and PBVs to solidify our vision of reaching new heights as a mobility platform provider,” said Cheon Jae-Seung, head of FTCI (Future Technology Convergence Institute), Hyundai Mobis.

Curious? You can watch the video of the e-Corner System in action here.

Can you imagine the possibilities? Wow, what a great time to be alive!

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