No more fixers? LTO Chief wants to double time implementation of online vehicle registration, driver’s license application

LTO wasn’t kidding when they said they wanted to go full-digital. Though the LTMS Portal is already up and running, many of the agency’s services still require motorists and vehicle owners to go to the nearest satellite office to conduct business physically. In his latest statement, agency chief Vigor Mendoza wants to focus on a speedy(ier) implementation of online facilities for vehicle registration and driver’s license applications.

To combat fixers, LTO wants services to be able to be done online

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At the start of this month, the LTO announced its plans to achieve 100% utilization of the LTMS Portal. That said, the goal is to make the website a one-stop shop for all of the agency’s services that citizens can use for their purposes, from the convenience of their own homes. As it stands, it’s not yet fully functional as we speak, but the Chief himself has tasked regional offices to double-time on the efforts.

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“Ang aming approach ho na ‘yan ay magkaroon ng [Our approach is to have an] online system of registration both for vehicle registration and license application. Ito’y ipapa-double time natin [We will work double-time] within the regions para mas mapalawak na ang mga motorista na hindi kailangang i-renew ang registration ng kanilang mga sasakyan ng [so motorists will not have to process registrations] face-to-face because our goal is to have all these transactions be done online,” Mendoza said in an interview.

The same will also be done for driver’s license applications. On being asked about how licenses can and will be sent to applicants, Mendoza answered, “We can send the license via courier na lang po.

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

LTO Chief Mendoza is confident that full digitalization is a concrete step towards winning the fight against fixers in (and out) of the agency. It’s not a surprise that allegations of fixers, corruption, and other illegal activity have always hounded the LTO but we’re just glad that leadership continues to step up and finally give solutions to clearing up the agency’s reputation.

Providing efficient service to the public has been a thrust of the agency since Mendoza has taken the helm (as was during the tenure of many of its past leaders) and thus far, he has been doing all that he can to live up to his commitment to “not wasting any time” to do so.

Major props to the LTO and the Chief! The public will be waiting for your online facilities to finally go, well, online.

Mikko Juangco
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