LTO extends validity of all Driver’s Licenses expiring from Apr. 3, 2023 onwards

It’s official, everyone. The LTO has extended the validity of Driver’s Licenses that expired from April 3, 2023, onwards in light of the plastic card shortage. The extension is going to be until April 2, 2024. Sounds simple, right? You’ll want to read on because there are some important bits of information that you must know about this extension.

Must-know information about your LTO Driver’s License validity extension

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The LTO’s problems with the supply of plastic cards used for printing Driver’s Licenses continue, and while no official word on the previously issued TRO has been made public, the agency saw fit to just extend the validity of licenses expired starting April 3, 2023.

“All expired driver’s/conductor’s licenses that expired on 03 April 2023 shall continue to be valid until 02 April 2024 or until such time availability of plastic cards is sufficient, which will be the subject of a separate memorandum,” Agency Chief Vigor Mendoza II said in a memorandum dated September 6, 2023.

But some clarifications followed as well. If, for example, your license expires today, September 11, 2023, is the extension going to be until September 11, 2024? That’s what we’re going to explain below.

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Simply put, the answer to the above-stated question is NO. For everyone’s benefit, the extension is only until April 2, 2024. This new expiry date will hold until this date, or “until such time availability of plastic cards is sufficient”. If no plastic license cards are available by that time, everyone must have their licenses renewed on (or before) April 3, 2024.

“(Motorists) don’t have to come to the LTO. I  just signed the memorandum on this matter, and we will inform the various enforcer groups: MMDA, PNP, local government units of this automatic extension. So there’s no need to even stamp an extension validity at the back of their official receipts. All they will have to show is the memo, which we will already widely disseminate starting today,” Mendoza stated. Also, this extension covers all types of Driver’s Licenses.

Should one need to renew his or her LTO Driver’s License come April 3, 2024, it will mean that the Official Receipt (OR) that is normally issued with a Driver’s License card will be stamped or printed with “Valid as Temporary Driver’s License Until Plastic Card Is Released”. Additional details that will be added onto the paper OR are the name of the Issuing LTO Office, as well as its contact personnel or email address or address. The name and signature of the releasing officer will also be included. Finally, a screenshot of the front and back of the motorist’s Driver’s License card will be printed on the back of the paper OR.

Upon renewal, the expired/old Driver’s License card must be surrendered (back) to the motorist and will be considered valid until the new plastic card has been released. Mendoza noted that no collection of penalties for the abovementioned licenses shall be undertaken.

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As we speak, both the DOTr and the LTO are currently working to address the Driver’s License backlog due to the shortage of plastic cards that are being used to print it.

“Patuloy na gumagawa ng paraan ang inyong DOTr at ang inyong LTO upang matugunan sa lalong madaling panahon ang ating kinakaharap na hamon ukol sa driver’s license. Makakasa ang ating mga kababayang motorista na sa mga action plan na ito, laging isinasa-alang-alang ang inyong kapakanan [We continue to find ways to quickly address our challenges regarding the driver’s license. Motorists can expect that with these action plans, we put your welfare first],” said Mendoza.

That’s straight from the LTO’s “mouth”, ladies and gentlemen. This comes as a bit of good news, and the inevitable fact that come April 3, 2024, everyone will have to get their ORs stamped for renewal at their nearest LTO licensing center. At this point, we’re all just hoping that the plastic card supply finally normalizes and that printing and distribution can (also finally) recommence. They are paid for, after all.

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