Motorcyclists warned by MMDA to stay off EDSA bike lane, fail and be fined PHP 1K

Aside from the exclusive bus lane along EDSA, we also know – well, we should – that there’s also an exclusive bike lane. That said, the MMDA will be cracking down on motorcyclists who have a habit of encroaching into the pedallers’ lane just to avoid having to line up. Traffic jams or not, this practice is simply unsafe and illegal, and those who will be apprehended will also be slapped with a fine for doing so.

MMDA reminder: Bicycle Lane not for motorcycles

Mmda Fine Motorcycle Edsa Bicycle Lane Bike Lane Inline 01 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

In a post on its official social media page, the Metro Manila Development Authority summed it up very simply, and in Filipino, no less: Ang bicycle lane ay inilaan para sa mga cyclists o nagbi-bisikleta, hindi para sa mga motorcycle riders [The bicycle lane is for bicyclists, not for motorcycle riders].”

There are signs and notices painted along the rightmost part of the road indicating the fact, but unfortunately, a lot of two-wheelers of the motorcycle kind would cross into the bike lanes just to avoid being caught in traffic along Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare. The MMDA wants this to stop.

Mmda Fine Motorcycle Edsa Bicycle Lane Bike Lane Inline 02 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

The MMDA went on to say that the bike lane is not a “fast lane” for motorcycles to be able to avoid having to get in line. Continuous monitoring has shown an immeasurable number of motorcyclists who disregard what is supposed to be a lane exclusive to bicyclists and at the start of this week, traffic constables and law enforcers have begun apprehending those violating this rule.

The violation will be for Disregarding Traffic Sign(s) and the accompanying fine will be PHP 1,000.

Mmda Fine Motorcycle Edsa Bicycle Lane Bike Lane Inline 03 Min

Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

It boggles the mind how so many motorists would go and disregard basic rules and laws. Technology makes information so much easier to access, and besides, having a Driver’s License means you’re supposed to know what rules are in place for you to follow.

Will the MMDA and other elements of the law succeed in curbing the number of these law-breaking motorcyclists? For the sake of active transport and, more importantly, the safety of the padyakers, we really hope so. It’s been a long time coming, but this should have been done a long time ago.

Well, better late than never.

Mikko Juangco
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