LTO welcomes Congress HB 8570 proposal for special Electric Vehicle (EV) license plates

Having an electrified vehicle gets its owners a lot of benefits. Having special license plates indicating its classification is one, and the LTO announced that it is very much open to the idea being pushed by Congress with regard to its creation and subsequent issuance. Here’s what we know so far about House Bill (HB) 8570 which is in line with the said special plates.

HB 8570 filed in Congress in line with special LTO license plates for “electronic” vehicles

Lto Ev Special Plate Hb House Bill 8570 Inline 01 Min

Photo: Land Transportation Office

House Bill (HB) 8570 was introduced and filed in PH Congress by Rep. Anthony Golez, Jr. and is known as the “Electronic Vehicle Special Plate Number Act of 2023” (this will probably be changed to “Electric” in the future). This is in line with Republic Act (RA) 11697 otherwise known as the Electric Vehicle Industry Development Act (EVIDA). The LTO and national government have recognized that many vehicle brands have long started selling electric and hybrid vehicles, and the Land Transportation Office wishes to make them more identifiable with special plates. HB 8570 will help this idea along.

Part of the privileges of electric vehicles and hybrids is being exempted from the Coding Scheme. The MMDA has already announced that they will honor the exemption of these types of vehicles, and Makati confirmed that the City does comply with this provision of the EVIDA as well. The issuance and use of these special plates will help enforcers identify these vehicles much easier and avoid having to pull motorists over for a Coding violation when, in fact, they are exempted.

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Photo: Land Transportation Office

“Maluwag at kampante na ang inyong LTO na tumanggap ng mga ganitong panukala (dahil alam namin na in the few months’ time ay mareresolba na natin ang shortage sa license plates) [The LTO is open and confident in accepting legislations like this (because we know that in a few months’ time we will resolve the license plate shortage)] ,’ said Land Transportation Office Chief ASec. Vigor Mendoza II.

That said, while the agency has expressed its openness to the Bill, its priority will remain to be the distribution of the stockpiled plates as well as the stamping of new ones to be handed out to vehicle owners who have been stuck without their official license plates. “But right now, allow us to focus first on solving the backlog on license plates and to distribute the unclaimed license plates in the soonest possible time,” the LTO Chief reiterated.

Lto Improvised Plate Temporary Plate Car 4 Wheels Memorandum Circular No. Jmt 2023 2400 Inline 05 Min

Photo: Land Transportation Office

Lto Improvised Plate Temporary Plate Car 4 Wheels Memorandum Circular No. Jmt 2023 2400 Inline 06 Min

Photo: Land Transportation Office

While we do agree that the distribution of plates is paramount, we also admit that finally seeing these plates issued and being used by vehicles on the road does sound pretty exciting. It’s such a simple idea but it does make things a lot easier for a lot of other people. Alongside a “special” LTO license plate, there are more draws to going green when it comes to vehicles, and we hope that something as small as this does influence more people to consider electric and hybrid vehicles.

Mikko Juangco
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