MMDA nabs own enforcer in fake DOH van used as illegal colorum, another for EDSA Bus Lane violation

As enforcers of the law, and the most openly public when it comes to daily operations, those in the MMDA’s ranks should be shining examples of law-abiding citizens, yes? Surprise! For these two, they sadly are not. Before the end of last week, two enforcers of the Metro Manila Development Authority were apprehended in two different incidents by their colleagues, one as trivial as violating the EDSA bus lane, but the other, a little bit more serious.

2 MMDA enforcers apprehended in separate incidents for traffic law violations

Two separate reports from Interaksyon (via Gerard de la Pena’s Twitter Page) and ABS-CBN (via Jacque Manabat’s Twitter Page) saw the apprehension of alleged MMDA enforcers in these incidents.

Mmda Fake Doh Van Colorum Edsa Bus Lane Edsa Carousel Gerard Dela Pena Twitter Inline 01

Photo: Gerard Dela Pena Twitter

The heavier offense falls on the van that you see here. Wrongfully marked as coming from the Department of Health and illegally being used as Colorum to transport passengers to Santa Rosa, enforcers flagged the vehicle down. Adding to those above, it was also traversing the EDSA Bus Lane, which as we all know, is exclusive to buses and marked emergency vehicles of the government.

Mmda Fake Doh Van Colorum Edsa Bus Lane Edsa Carousel Jacque Manabat Twitter Inline 02

Photo: Jacque Manabat Twitter

Once pulled over, it was discovered that the van driver was an enforcer of the MMDA, as can be seen on the ID in the photo above. As it stands, the driver has already violated two laws – anti-Colorum and EDSA Bus Lane exclusivity – and as a supposed element of the law, we wonder what pushes individuals to do something like this.

Mmda Fake Doh Van Colorum Edsa Bus Lane Edsa Carousel Jacque Manabat Twitter Inline 03

Photo: Jacque Manabat Twitter

In a separate incident, yet another MMDA enforcer was apprehended for riding his motorcycle along the EDSA Bus Lane. Once pulled over, the source of the report said he reasoned that he was already late for work. We can empathize with that, of course, but again, as an enforcer of the law, there simply is no excuse to break the mandates you are sworn to uphold.

ABS-CBN’s Jacque Manabat posted a video of MMDA Acting Chief Don Artes addressing the apprehension of two of the Agency’s enforcers, saying “Lagi naman nating ni-re-remind ang ating mga tauhan na bilang tagapagpatupad ng batas ng traffic, ay dapat kami yung nag-li-lead by example at hindi kami yung nangunguna sa pag-violate. So, hindi po natin tino-tolerate yung mga ganyang pangyayari. [We always remind our enforcers to lead by example as law enforcers, not be the ones who violate it. We do not tolerate incidents like this]”

“Asahan po ninyo na yan ay iimbestigahan namin, at yung kaukulang parusa ay ating ipapataw [Trust that we will investigate and the proper penalty will be carried out],” Artes added.

Yes, Atty. Artes, we are hoping for that, and for the Agency to, like all the others, find ways to address this behavior in its employees.

Mikko Juangco
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