Maxus PH offers discounts on its G10 MPV, V80 van, and T60 pickup

Maxus PH announced up to PHP 70,000 cash discounts on all variants of its G10 MPV, V80 van, and T60 pickup from September 2 to October 31, 2020.

MAXUS • Maxus PH offers discounts on its G10 MPV, V80 van, and T60 pickup

All variants of the T60 will be offered with a price off of PHP 50,000, while a PHP 70,000 discount will be applied to both the G10 Premium 1.9 AT and G10 Assist 1.9 AT. The V80 2.5 MT Flex and V80 2.5 MT Comfort will also be offered with a PHP 50,000 discount. The discounted offers of each model are as follows:

  • T60

    PHP 948K (2.8L MT Diesel Pro 4X2)
    PHP 1.028M (2.8L AT Diesel Pro 4X2)
    PHP1.278M (2.8L AT Diesel Elite 4X4)

  • G10

    PHP 1.72M (1.9L AT Diesel Premium)
    PHP 2.119M (1.9L AT Diesel Assist)

  • V80

    PHP 1.14M (2.5L MT Diesel Flex)
    PHP 1.52M (2.5L MT Diesel Comfort)

The Maxus T60 (whether 4×4 or 4×2 drives) is ideal in terms of payload capacity, towing power, and water wading depth. The T60 is recommended for the agricultural, industrial, medical, recreational, utilities and construction sectors transport.

The 9-seater Maxus G10 MPV sporting its 4 rear captain seats offers a spacious interior and comfort amenities for passenger comfort and ride safety. The G10 Assist, as a dealer option, is ideal for the elderly, PWDs, and recovering patients with its programmable swivel lifting seat at the 2nd row.

On the other hand, the Maxus V80 vans give both space and flexibility with the 13-seater V80 Comfort. However, the V80 Flex cargo van offers a roomy cargo space of 6.9 cubic meters and flexible interiors and the van’s 1.1-ton maximum loading capacity allows for sufficient cargo for business operations.

Recently, Maxus also unveiled the new Maxus G50 in the Philippines.

Source: Maxus PH

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