MMC: Absolute E-Trike, E-Bike ban on 21 national roads, implementation begins April 2024

It’s final. The Metro Manila Council (MMC) has placed an e-trike and e-bike ban along a total of 20 national roads in cities within the MMDA’s jurisdiction. Following the proliferation – and virality – showing videos of e-bikes and e-trikes seemingly disregarding laws and safety, both the Council and the MMDA made haste to put rules in place for these vehicles’ usage. Now they have released the guidelines.

E-Trike, E-Bike ban will start in April 2024

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

As it turns out, reports were accurate the the MMC will, indeed, release the guidelines for an e-trike and e-bike ban 12 sooner rather than later. After speculations last week, the Council through the MMDA approved a resolution yesterday, February 28, 2024, that prohibits “the use of major thoroughfares for certain types of transportation and other types of conveyances.”

As stated in MMDA Regulation No. 24-022 series of 2024, traversing of e-vehicles, such as e-bikes and e-trikes, as well as tricycles, pedicabs, pushcarts, and kuligligs on national roads, circumferential, and radial roads in Metro Manila will be prohibited.

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The included roads are “scattered” among cities over which the MMDA has jurisdiction, and these are the following that will adhere to the e-trike and e-trike ban EDIT: MMDA has added Espana Blvd. to the list in the morning of 29 February 2024, bringing the total of covered roads to 21:

  • C1: Recto Avenue
  • C2: Pres. Quirino Avenue
  • C3: Araneta Avenue
  • C4: EDSA
  • C5: Katipunan/CP Garcia
  • C6: Southeast Metro Manila Expressway
  • R1: Roxas Boulevard
  • R2: Taft Avenue
  • R3: Osmeña Highway (formerly South Super Highway)
  • R4: Shaw Boulevard
  • R5: Ortigas Avenue
  • R6: Magsaysay Blvd./Aurora Blvd.
  • R7: Quezon Ave./Commonwealth Ave.
  • R8: A. Bonifacio Ave.
  • R9: Rizal Ave.
  • R10: Del Pan/Marcos Highway/McArthur Highway
  • Elliptical Road
  • Mindanao Avenue
  • Marcos Highway
  • Boni Ave. (Mandaluyong)
  • Espana Blvd.

On the impending reactions and complaints following the baring of the e-trike and e-bike ban, MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes emphasized, “Due to the proliferation of e-vehicles, the MMC deemed it imperative to regulate and penalize those who will traverse the national roads using such means of transportation. We are not totally banning the use of e-bikes and e-trikes; we just want to regulate it since it has been a common cause of traffic and road crash incidents.”

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Photo: Metro Manila Development Authority

To supplement the e-trike and e-bike ban on national roads, each Metro Manila local government unit will be coming up with ordinances for the secondary and other inner roads under its jurisdiction. A driver’s license will now be required for those who will drive electric-powered motor vehicles, such as e-bikes, e-trikes, and tricycles, and those who cannot present their driver’s license upon apprehension shall be subject to impoundment of their respective vehicles.

The fine for those who violate the E-Trike and E-Bike ban will be PHP 2,500.

The regulation is set to be implemented in April following an information and awareness campaign.

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