MMDA will continue road clearing operations into new administration

Traffic will always be a part of traveling in and around Metro Manila. What makes it worse are obstructions on roads and sidewalks that make them even narrower. The MMDA has been amping their road clearing operations to remedy this, and while no new head for the agency has been named yet, they plan to continue these and other efforts into the next administration.

MMDA’s Road Clearing operations continue

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Photo: MMDA

Roads are for vehicles, and sidewalks are for pedestrians. We often hear these and rightfully so. The continuing problem is that many vehicle owners from 4-wheelers to tricycles to motorcycles would park them without respect to either pedestrians or other motor vehicles. The MMDA road clearing operations will see to it that this stops.

Just three months ago, the designated Mabuhay Lanes were cleared by the MMDA. Despite many towed vehicle owners “acting” surprised, the MMDA road clearing operation was relentless in transporting them away and/or issuing tickets to violators. Fairly recently, more operations were conducted in Quezon City and again, a lot of vehicles were towed. The problem here is that as we speak, the MMDA still has its hands full of violators of non-obstruction rules who are plainly incorrigible.

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Photo: MMDA

Adding to the difficulty in the clearing operations is the fact that schools are shifting to face-to-face classes. With that, more cars will be plying the roads daily, and obstructions of this sort will only make traffic worse. To work along with the MMDA, DILG Secretary Eduardo Ano has empowered barangays and urged all LGUs to clear their roadways of anything that will hamper vehicle and pedestrian movement.

Such a mandate was already issued by the DILG two years ago. The pandemic saw its implementation being sidelined, but now there is a great sense of urgency in getting it done. All regions are said to have good compliance with this mandate, but there will always be errant and complicit vehicle owners who will need the strong arm of the law to keep them in line.

If you do happen to be a law-abiding citizen, kudos to you, ma’am and sir. If for any reason you’re on the towing end of the MMDA clearing operations, then you might want to check out what you should do next after your vehicle’s taken away here. Let’s all do our part to help the traffic situation. Getting your vehicle towed away by the road clearing operations just isn’t worth it. Trust us.


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