Violation records to be shared between MMDA-LTO with System Interconnectivity Project


Access to information is essential for all. For both the MMDA and LTO, they want real-time access to information sharing between their agencies, and they will do this with the System Interconnectivity Project. The data-sharing initiative aims to give real-time data on drivers and/or owners of vehicles who might have registered violations.

System Interconnectivity Project allows instant access to violations info between MMDA-LTO

Mmda Lto System Interconnectivity Project Inline 01

Photo: MMDA

Just two days ago, MMDA Chairman Atty. Romando S. Artes and LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Edgar C. Galvante signed the Memorandum of Agreement to put the System Interconnectivity Project in place. The project will give the MMDA access to the LTMS Portal. This will help the Agency identify motorists and vehicles and inform them of their tagging in the No Contact Apprehension System (NCAP).

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As for the LTO, they will have access to the MMDA’s database of traffic apprehensions and alarms on both drivers and vehicles. With the rollout of NCAP in different areas of the Metro, this information is invaluable, and instant access to it is even more so.

“With this agreement, we can quickly pinpoint drivers committing multiple traffic violations resulting in the suspension of their licenses and their mandatory training on road safety and traffic rules. Drivers with violations will also be prevented from receiving the new ten-year licenses that are now being granted by the LTO,” Edgar Galvante, LTO ASec

Mmda Lto System Interconnectivity Project Inline 02

Photo: MMDA

Cooperation between both the MMDA and LTO are what made the System Interconnectivity Project possible. With more and more individuals becoming licensed motorists, both agencies need all the help they can get to keep everyone and everything in line, and as law-abiding as possible.

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If you happen to get tagged for any violations, you can check out how much that might have cost you here. While they are here to uphold order, it also falls greatly on our shoulders as motorists to help them by being law-abiding, disciplined, and well-mannered on the roads.

Mikko Juangco
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