Peugeot Showcases next-gen i-cockpit system and look

If it’s one thing that can be said about Peugeot as a brand and their cars, is that they exude a certain unique style. Apart from just looking good though, the interiors of the cars are also quite interesting, and at the center of it is the polarizing i-cockpit system.

Peugeot next-generation i-cockpit

To be quite honest at first the i-cockpit system takes a while to get used to, some people actually don’t like it for its over-complication or distracting layout. However, it does really really look cool because its fighter jet style and layout really give the driver a feeling of being in complete control.

Peugeot I Cockpit Inline 2

The brand is doubling down on the i-cockpit and has just showcased the next-generation iteration of its interior layout. One of the issues before was that the digital cluster was easily obscured by the steering wheel, the new version which will be first put in the 3008 has integrated the instrument panel and the infotainment screen into the 21-inch high-definition curved panoramic screen, with an LED ambient lighting below it to create a floating look.

The screen is biased toward the driver and will of course display all the relevant vehicle information, and based on the photos it seems the F1-shaped steering wheel no longer obscures the view of the screen. Its center console features a fully customizable panel that allows the user to select the specific function that will appear. Gone is the gear lever and in its place is a toggle-style shifter placed near the start/stop button for added ergonomics.

Peugeot I Cockpit Inline

The steering wheel meanwhile will feature touch-sensitive controls, and while they weren’t so loved in other vehicles Peugeot is improving them with a tactile clicking function. This means that the touch-sensitive controls will only be activated when pressed.

The next-gen i-cockpit system will make its debut in the all-new Peugeot 3008 which is set to be released in September this year.

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