MMDA estimates digital payments for Single Ticketing System fines will likely be activated 3rd week May

Albeit on a “dry run”, the MMDA Single Ticketing System was all systems go as of May 2, 2023. One of the headlines of the System was the use of handheld devices by law enforcers that will make “everything”, including the payment of fines, online, instant, and more convenient. The problem is that this online payment feature isn’t available yet, and will probably be activated later this month.

Handheld devices used for Single Ticketing System may be able to accept digital payments before May ends

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What is possibly the most convenient feature of the Single Ticketing System’s handheld devices is not available for the motoring public’s convenience to use. In a report aired this week, the MMDA clarified that the online, digital payment system will not be available until the 3rd week of May. Until such time, those who have been apprehended will have to pay for their fines at the City Hall(s) and the websites that the LGUs will be opening for such purposes.

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Apart from this missing feature, the demerit points will likewise not be applied to the driver’s licenses of apprehended motorists. These points are the basis for the length of validity of driver’s licenses. The reason behind this is that the LTO is still waiting for the DOTr’s approval to start doing so. Also, the period within which to contest an apprehension or violation will be extended from 7 working days to 10.

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In case you haven’t brushed up on the Single Ticketing System yet, here’s our FAQ for you to consult and be more familiar with it. You wouldn’t want to be caught unaware and uninformed now, would you?

Let’s take these, err, “complications” as growing pains. Yes, we know, these should have already been worked out before being rolled out and used by the MMDA, but “no one is perfect” may be pretty apt to say at this time. Nonetheless, let’s hope that the expectations set will be in line with reality sooner than later. Or sooner than the 3rd week of May.

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