Numerous road closures set for Feast of Black Nazarene from Jan 6-9, expect horrendous traffic

The time has come for everyone to prepare for the yearly event that is the Feast of the Black Nazarene. Of course, road closures and rerouting are to be expected well ahead of its exact date. The City of Manila has released its advisory for motorists who might find themselves in affected areas of the said closures, and everyone is advised to take note and plan accordingly.

List of road closures and rerouting for Feast of the Black Nazarene 2023

The road closures will be done in two “phases”. A set of roads will begin closure as early as January 6, while a second set will be closed off starting January 7. The first set will happen from 10:00 PM onwards, again on the 6th, and the second from 7:00 PM onwards on the 7th. No specific time was given as to when the roadways will be opened to traffic again, but they will all be closed until January 9.

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The first few road closures will be along the following stretches:

• Stretch of Independence Road
• Stretch of Katigbak Drive
• Stretch of South Drive
• Roxas Blvd. Northbound and Southbound (from Katigbak Drive to South Drive)
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Photo: Manila PIO

Come January 7, a lot more closures are scheduled for the following roads:

• Quezon Blvd Northbound and Southbound (from A. Mendoza/Fugoso to Quezon Bridge, straight to Padre Burgos Park ‘n Ride)
• España Blvd Westbound and Eastbound (from P. Campa to A. Mendoza)
• Stretch of Evangelista St. (from Plaza San Juan to Recto Ave)
• Stretch of Raon St. (G. Puyat) (from Evangelista to Quezon Blvd.)
• Stretch of P. Paterno St. (from Quezon Blvd. to Evangelista)
• Stretch of Carriedo St. (from Rizal Ave. to Plaza San Juan)
• Stretch of C. Palanca St. (from McArthur Bridge to Quiapo Ilalim/Quinta Market straight to P. Casal)
• Stretch of Bustos St. (from Plaza Sta. Cruz to Rizal Ave)
• Northbound lane of Rizal Avenue (from Carriedo to Recto Ave)
• Northbound lane of McArthur Bridge
• Eastbound and Westbound lanes of Recto Ave (from Rizal Ave to Nicanor Reyes St)
• Stretch of Nicanor Reyes St. (from España Blvd to Recto Ave)
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Photo: Manila PIO

Those who will be affected by road closures on January 6 are to be rerouted; light vehicles who intend to ply the northbound lane of Roxas Boulevard must turn right into Kalaw, left into Maria Orosa, and left into P. Burgos to get to their intended destination.

Beginning on January 7, all vehicles coming from A. Mendoza who want to ply Quezon Boulevard will have to turn right into Fugoso and then left into Tomas Mapua to get to their destination. Those coming from Quezon City and want to use the westbound lane of Espana will have to detour and take a right into P. Campa and turn into Fugoso to get to their destination.

While it’s a yearly event, everyone thinks it wise to give proper advice to people on the involved road closures and rerouting schemes. It’s a pretty big and very important event to the Nazareno faithful, so foot- and vehicular traffic will unavoidably be bad. Do plan your travels on these dates accordingly.

Mikko Juangco
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