Lawmaker pushing to raise speed limit in PH Expressways to 140 KPH

One of the most hotly debated topics between drivers and motorists has to be the local speed limit on the expressways. For some, they believe it’s about time the limits were raised, while others believe nobody follows the rules anyway. Well, it has recently come to light that a local lawmaker wants to increase the limit.

Lawmaker seeking to make the speed limit 140 kph on expressways

The House Committee on Transportation last Thursday deliberated House Bill (HB No. 4089) by Ilocos Sur 1st District Rep. Ronald Singson. The bill seeks to clarify what an expressway is and what the standard speed limits are for expressways across the country by amending Republic Act No. 4136 or the Land Transportation and Traffic Code.

During his sponsored speech the Congressman explained that our roads and vehicles are now well-equipped and capable to handle and travel at higher speeds on expressways.

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“The safety features of the vehicles now provide that it can go faster safely.  And also, the government has been spending so much, billions and billions of pesos to improve the infrastructure of our expressways.” Singson said.

“Over NLEx it is understandable because traffic flow is heavy sometimes, even if you want to speed up, it is impossible.  But over SCTEx and TPLEx, traffic eases.  Unfortunately, since the speed limit is at 100kph only, traffic flow is hindered.  So the wide roads constructed are being put to waste,” he added.

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Present during the hearing were representatives from the Department of Transportation (DOTr) and Toll Regulatory Board (TRB), while the agencies expressed their support for the bill they also had some concerns. According to them, the expressways we currently use now were built using “old law” and may not be safe enough to endure the higher speeds. As such the agency’s support is dependent on further studies and safety precautions.

The proposed speed limit increase is 140kph for cars and 120kph for trucks and buses. What do you guys think? is it time to increase the speed limit or not?

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