New teaser just dropped! Mitsubishi Colt is on its way to make a grand 2023 comeback

The Mitsubishi Colt was once a pint-sized sub-compact hatchback that were a dime a dozen on our streets. It’s been decades since we last saw it released in the country, but it has enjoyed a fairly quiet but no less impressive existence in the rest of the world. With Mitsubishi kicking things into high gear – including the PH – news of the new model’s June 8 launch is pretty exciting, indeed!

Mitsubishi Colt to be launched June 8, may likely share same platform as Renault Clio

Mitsubishi Colt Europe Launch June 8 2023 Inline 02a Min

Photo: Mitsubishi

First things first, we’d like to say that this Colt debut is scheduled for the European market. Following Mitsubishi’s launching of the ASX, it’s set to beef up the brand’s lineup alongside the Mirage (Space Star) and Eclipse Cross PHEV as well. But what’s actually in store for those who’ve been waiting for a new release?

According to Mitsubishi, it will “include the latest cutting-edge technologies, as well as a choice between a 1.0-liter naturally-aspirated gasoline engine paired to a 5-speed transmission, a 1.0-liter turbocharged mill with a 6-speed transmission, and get this, a top-of-the-line variant that will have a 1.6-liter engine paired with 2 hybrid-electric motors and an automatic gearbox. Yes, there will be a hybrid!

Mitsubishi Colt Europe Launch June 8 2023 Inline 03 Min

Photo: Renault

We did mention that it may very well share the same platform as that of the Renault Clio. The Mitsubishi-Renault-Nissan Alliance still does exist, and for all intents and purposes, the Colt may very well be a rebadged and re-skinned Renault twin. We’re pretty sure it will retain Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield design on the front just to make it distinct from its French as well as its Japanese sibling (the Nissan Micra).

Curious is that the Clio is a bit larger than our local Mirage. If this does make its way to the Philippines, there may be a chance that it will replace the Mirage, but let’s take that with a grain of salt, at least until Mitsubishi Motors Philippines makes a statement.

Mitsubishi Colt Europe Launch June 8 2023 Inline 02 Min

Photo: Mitsubishi

For all you Titas and Titos out there, this was a long time coming. Granted that the Colt’s fate in the PH is yet to be determined, but just imagine the possibilities. It’s a badge that always sold well, cars are so much more high tech now, Mitsubishi really does need to ramp up its offerings, and the Colt might just be the right one to make a screaming scene and make it happen.

We have just about 2 months until we see it in the metal, so let’s hope we get some news about it from Mitsubishi PH sooner than later.

Mikko Juangco
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