Toyota could possibly preview the AT GR Yaris at the upcoming 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon

Based on a report by Japanese publication MAGX News, Toyota is set to unveil an enhanced version of the GR Yaris, offering a sneak peek into the model’s evolution before its official announcement slated for March 21, 2024 (subject to potential changes) at the upcoming 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon. This upgraded variant will feature a novel eight-speed automatic transmission known as GR-DAT, possibly designated under the grade name RZ-H. The introduction of an automatic transmission aims to broaden the appeal of the GR Yaris, catering to a diverse audience irrespective of age or gender, while concurrently sustaining and potentially boosting sales figures. There’s also speculation surrounding potential enhancements to the vehicle’s specifications.

Simultaneously, as the 2024 WRC Rally kicks off in Monte Carlo, Monaco, MAGX News also reports that two distinct editions of the GR Yaris could be revealed—the Auger-Edition and the Rovanpera Edition. These specialized variants, conceptualized by rally champions Sébastien Ogier and Kalle Rovanperä, had previously teased enthusiasts with a concept version showcased at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon. The production models of these editions will be made available through a lottery system, with each edition limited to 100 units. Interested buyers can enter the lottery in March, coinciding with the official announcement.

Toyota has planned three media test drive events to generate anticipation and excitement for the enhanced version. The first event is scheduled to take place on a circuit, followed by a snowy terrain test in February and a final event on public roads in the spring.

Highlighting the success of the GR Yaris in the global market, it has surpassed 25,000 units in sales, meeting the necessary requirements for homologation certification. Regionally, Europe constitutes approximately 45% of sales, Japan follows closely at 41%, and Oceania contributes around 8%. The statistics underscore the global popularity and acceptance of the GR Yaris, making it a significant player in Toyota’s portfolio.

We will indeed report if we see the eight-speed automatic version of the GR Yaris and the other special editions once we arrive at the upcoming 2024 Tokyo Auto Salon.



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