Toyota Lite Ace is Lakbay-Kuwentuhan’s official mobility partner in promoting proper education

“Education is key”, and the Toyota Lite Ace is doing its part in promoting reading and literacy. In partnership with Basa bookstore’s storytelling caravan Lakbay-Kwentuhan, the brand wants to help push its educational campaign into full swing. Making use of the panel van model, they have already started touring different provinces and delivering storybooks for the first leg.

Toyota Lite Ace panel van is the vehicle of choice for Lakbay-Kwentuhan

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Photo: TMP

Since the campaign’s start this past February, the Lakbay-Kuwentuhan caravan has already traveled around South Luzon delivering storybooks to children from Laguna, Quezon, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, Masbate, and even Albay in the Bicol region.

“When we started the book-giving caravan amidst a pandemic and after Typhoon Ulysses, Toyota was eager to support our cause. We at Lakbay-Kuwentuhan aim to bring Filipino stories written by Filipino authors for Filipino children to communities across the country to lessen the effects of the pandemic on children’s reading attitudes and in support of DepEd’s Bawat Bata Bumabasa campaign,” said Rey Bufi, Founder and Chief Storytelling officer of Basa Bookstore.

After totaling 2,430 kilometers traveled so far, Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has helped the organization reach 12 communities in the said provinces to serve more than 3,000 students. Lakbay-Kuwentuhan managed to conduct three workshops and give six storytelling sessions in its last caravan. “For these, we and the local communities are so grateful for Toyota’s role in moving our world,” added Rey.

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The Lite Ace, which TMP bills as the “kasosyo sa asenso” of Filipinos, helps business owners, especially small entrepreneurs, succeed toward further improving the quality lives in their communities. The Lite Ace Panel Van, equipped with the size and capacity to transfer items and goods with ease and speed, has helped mobilize the Lakbay-Kuwentuhan caravan and deliver books to curious children in no time.

“Part of promoting better quality of life for Filipinos is nurturing young minds and providing them with the tools for continuous learning. We at TMP believe that all children deserve quality education as this will prepare them for their future and help mold them into the person they hope to become. We support initiatives such as this from Basa Bookstore and we are honored to be part of this caravan. We thank them for trusting Toyota and we look forward to more similar future activities powered by our goal of creating mobility for all,” said Elvin Luciano, Assistant Vice President of Marketing Services Department of TMP.

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Photo: TMP

Designed to have easy operation and maintenance, and offered to MSMEs at an affordable price, the Lite Ace is the Filipinos’ partner in pursuing and accomplishing their endeavors. Also available in Pickup, Cargo, and FX variants, the Lite Ace’s high efficiency, flexible load capacity, and low fuel consumption, enable drivers and business owners to maximize their trips and increase savings. Further savings that can help their businesses are assured as the Lite Ace is designed and manufactured with reliability, durability, and longevity in mind.

It’s partnerships such as this that give hope to a lot of our countrymen. Not to discount what all other brands and companies do, but education must always be at the forefront of any corporate-social responsibilities to look out for the future of our children.

The country thanks you, Basa Bookstore and Toyota Motor Philippines, for carrying out campaigns such as Lakbay-Kwentuhan. God speed!

Mikko Juangco
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